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If You’ve Got 10 Minutes, You Could Get a Free Gift Card

Earn free gift cardsHave you got a few minutes with nothing pressing to do? Instead of lurking on social media, why not make use of extra time to make extra money? With SideMoney, you can use your online time to earn rewards and cash back. Just by doing what you love online, like checking out new apps, you can earn points and get yourself a free gift card.

What You Do on SideMoney

SideMoney is easy to use. Once you sign up, you are offered tasks to complete that earn you credit rewards. The tasks come from our advertisers who are looking for people just like you. There are all kinds of offers that include participating in market research, testing new services and apps, taking surveys and watching videos. You’ll know up front what the task is and how much of a reward you will get for completing it. Here is an overview of the common offers you’ll see on SideMoney:

  • Paid Surveys — Surveys are one of the biggest money-making opportunities on SideMoney. Every day there are new surveys to take through well-known platforms like Pollfish and Peanut Labs. The surveys are fun and exciting. Some take just a few minutes and others can take longer but have a greater reward. You get to pick how much time you want to devote to each task. It’s simple — take a survey and earn a reward.
  • Watch Videos — Our video inventory updates daily so you’ll never run out of new content to watch. You earn points for every video you watch. You can watch advertisements, movie and TV trailers, game trailers and much more through the SuperSonic platform, and earn points for checking out new media. There is also AdColony, a platform that awards you points just for watching the videos you love.
  • Download Apps —You probably download apps all the time. So, why not make some money when you do! You can try out new games, utilities and other useful apps and earn free points. By downloading new apps, you can earn points in just a few minutes. And, sometimes there are in-app opportunities to earn even more.
  • Refer-A-Friend — An even easier way to earn points is by using the Refer-A-Friend program. Just share the provided link and invite code to your social media and contact lists. Your friends receive the invitation and you could receive a credit of 500 points for each referral!

What You Can Get with SideMoney

With SideMoney you can earn free gift cards. Once you have earned points by completing surveys, watching videos and downloading apps from our partners, you can redeem your points at any time for free PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards and much more.

You can use SideMoney as often as you like, and the more you do the more you earn. The more offers you complete, the more credit you earn, and therefore, the more gift cards you can redeem.

We give away thousands of dollars in free money every day. So, visit often and complete as many offers as you want. Start earning online by doing what you already love doing, it’s that easy!

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