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Worst Dollar Store Items That Aren’t Worth $1

dollar store itemsStocked with products that range from snacks, to cosmetics, to housewares, to holiday decorations and more, the dollar store is an ideal go-to venue for people shopping on a budget. However, although each item only costs $1, some dollar-store items just don’t offer the value you deserve and aren’t worth the price.

Next time you visit your local dollar store, steer clear of the following items that aren’t worth even $1.


Dollar-store batteries often don’t last very long and are more prone to leaking and corrosion, which can damage your most valuable electronics. If you’re intent on buying dollar-store batteries anyway, try limiting their use to low-drain devices such as alarm clocks and television remotes.

Items That Plug In

Avoid buying items that plug into electrical outlets such as mobile phone chargers, power strips, and extension cords. Many electronics sold at dollar stores haven’t passed minimum safety requirements and could put you, your family, and home at risk.

Oven Mitts

You might be tempted to buy the latest seasonal oven mitts for your next summer barbecue or Christmas party, but dollar-store mitts often lack padding and other safety features that protect your hands from hot items. Consider investing in a safer, thicker pair of oven mitts from another retailer instead.

Canned Goods

Most canned goods can actually be purchased from your local grocery store for between $0.59 and $0.89, and that’s without taking sales into consideration. Shop around for the best prices on your favorite canned goods before buying them from the dollar store.


High-quality tools may be costly, but dollar-store tools can break easily and increase your risk for injury. Never skimp on tools; some quality brands even offer lifetime guarantees on certain items. If you’re hunting for the best bargain, try holding out until Father’s Day, when most retailers mark down tools for the holiday.


Many makeup brands sold at dollar stores contain toxic ingredients that can increase your risk for skin problems. Plus, items such as lipstick, eyeliner, and eyeshadow tend to rub off relatively quickly following application. In most cases, you’re better off sticking to makeup brands you know and trust.

Medicines and Vitamins

Consult with your healthcare provider before purchasing medicines and vitamins from the dollar store, since many dollar-store brands lack essential ingredients and may even be counterfeit. Plus, the safety and efficacy of these products may be compromised if they’re past their expiration dates.

School Supplies

School supplies available at most dollar stores either don’t last long or don’t work at all. For instance, crayons may be overly waxy, scissors can fail to cut, and markers could dry out after just a few uses. Notebooks and reams of paper also offer fewer sheets than brand-name counterparts sold by other retailers for the same price.

Cling Wrap

Generic cling wrap brands pose a number of problems for bargain hunters. For one, dollar-store cling wrap is often difficult to tear from the roll given the box cutter isn’t up to par. The next challenge is getting it to stick and cling efficiently. Save your time and money, and purchase brand-name cling wrap that works each and every time.

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