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Where Can You Go to Find New Cool Smartphone Apps?

If you’re like most smartphone users, you probably have several apps downloaded on your device that enhance your day-to-day life: games, entertainment, and various other tools. But when you’re ready to download something new, where do you go to find it? Most people rely on Google Play or the Apple App Store to discover new apps, but there are many other ways to narrow your options and discover the coolest new apps around.

Looking for the newest, hottest smartphone apps? Use these methods to learn about the coolest new apps!

Ask Your Friends

One of the best ways to discover new apps is to ask your friends! Your friends are an ideal source because they may share similar interests, and can clue you in about the pros and cons of apps they’ve been using. Ask your friends about their favorite apps the next time you hang out, or head to your social media accounts to get suggestions from coworkers, family, and acquaintances!

Download SideMoney

SideMoney is an app that rewards you with free gift cards in exchange for downloading and trying new apps through its platform. SideMoney is available on Android and iOS, and gives you points for trying games and utilities. The points can then be redeemed for gift cards to major retailers., PayPal, and Walmart are just some retailers partnered with SideMoney.

Browse Appolicious

Appolicious features reviews and articles about nearly every app in existence. The website is maintained by a community of users devoted to sharing information about Android and iOS apps, and features articles about the pros and cons of using certain apps. You can also use the search feature on Appolicious to discover apps in certain categories, such as exercise and fitness apps, or puzzle games.

Visit Reputable Tech Sites

Well-known tech websites including CNet, Gizmodo, and Lifehacker feature articles, news, and reviews about the latest, most popular smartphone apps. Visit these sites and click on the “Apps” menu to browse the top 100 apps on Android and iOS, and the newest apps predicted to make waves.

Install AppHunt

If you’re using Android, download AppHunt from Play Store, where an online community of users vote and rate their favorite apps. You can even share your favorite apps with other AppHunt users, and ask these users questions about their experiences with certain apps. AppHunt also allows you to follow users who share your interests, so you can discover new apps together!

Follow AppAdvice

If you’re an iOS fan, follow AppAdvice on social media to stay updated on the latest iOS apps, news, and features. AppAdvice keeps you informed about free offers, and about apps that help make your life easier. If you’re not on social media, head to the official AppAdvice website to discover the best apps and games based on your own personal interests.

Before you waste time scrolling thousands of new apps in the Play Store and the App Store, head to SideMoney and try new apps, while earning free points in the process. Then, redeem your points for free gift cards to your favorite retailers, including Target, Starbucks, and more!

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