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How To Throw a Great Party on a Budget

party on a budgetLife is all about connection with other people, right? And, what good is life without parties? Clubbing, hanging at the local hotspot, and going out for dinner and a movie are all good in turn, but mixing it up with people you like, and throwing in a few new personalities is a ton more rewarding.

You don’t have to spend a lot to have a great party. You really just need to get some good people together and make sure they have good food and good drinks, and the rest will take care of itself.

It may tough to have some restraint with your budget, especially if you have other friends who have no limits and don’t mind showing everyone. But, don’t create after-party regret about the bills you’re left with. Here’s how you can throw a great party on a budget.

Set Your Max

First of all, have a budget. Know your limit. Decide, realistically, how much you can afford to spend. Then plan the party around the budget. If something sends you over budget, find a way to substitute for it, ask someone else to provide it, or just do without it.

Plan Ahead and Save Up

To help you keep your budget in line, plan well ahead, maybe even three or six months ahead. Then, put aside $20 every week. Boom! You’ve got $250 to $500 to spend on a party. You may need the time anyway, if you are renting a space, like a picnic area at a park. Stay focused on putting away some money on a certain day every week, and you will get there.

Have It At Home

Why pay to rent a place or pay higher prices for food and drinks at a restaurant or bar? Even if you have a tiny home, the fun of being in your own space is part of the party. People will feel more comfortable when they know you have invited them into your space. Having a party at home is definitely the vibe you want if you want to increase your friendship connections.

Save on Food and Drink

Make it a BYOB/W (Bring Your own Beer/Wine) and then provide a few bottles of standard liquor (Vodka, Scotch) and the mixers. You can spend less than $50 for a fairly versatile bar set up. And, by making your party a potluck you may tap into the foodie that lives in your friends. They’ll show up with their best creation and you’ll have great food at your party. Not everyone has an inner foodie, so give people options and save yourself from buying things like plates and napkins.

You really don’t need to spend lots of money to throw a killer bash that will be remembered and talked about. And, don’t forget that SideMoney can help you save a little cash each day towards your party budget.

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