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Summer Learning Top Apps for Kids

Summer break is just around the corner. While summer is a time for play and relaxation, we don’t want our kids to forget everything they learned during the school year.

To keep kids learning, and avoid the summer slide, we have our devices prepped with engaging apps for summer learning before summer vacation arrives. That way we’re ready to go. Here are some of our favorite educational apps:

Khan Academy

With the ability to sync the app to our child’s online account, Khan Academy is the perfect solution for learning. We love that this app is free!

Some of the subjects covered through video and exercises are:


•Early elementary math



•Art history

The company tagline sort of sums up this app: “Khan Academy allows you to learn almost anything for free.”

Scratch Jr.

Introducing our kids to the world of coding is much simpler with the Scratch Jr. iPad app. Meant for children ages 5-7, this free app allows them to create interactive stories with the help of graphic programming blocks.

They can make characters and then bring them to life with a few simple steps. As our children code, they’ll also be working on their math and language skills.

DragonBox Algebra 5+

For children who need a bit more practice in math, we recommend DragonBox Algebra 5+. It’s a math game that’s actually fun and well worth the $4.99.

There’s also an edition meant for older kids, DragonBox Algebra 12+. With a slightly higher price point ($7.99), but it covers factorization, distribution, and plenty of other important math concepts for middle and high-school aged students.

We’re sure our kids’ math grades will improve next year after practicing with DragonBox this summer!

Sight Word Ninja

This app is perfect for our kids who need a little bit more practice reading sight words. We appreciate that we can input our own set of sight words, making this app personalized for any learner.

It’s like Fruit Ninja, but educational, and our kids love playing.


For kids who are eager to learn or practice a foreign language, Duolingo is a great app. There are in-app purchases, but students can get started learning for free.

We couldn’t believe the amount of content available. Students can pick from 23 different languages to study.

Opposite Ocean

We think this app is wonderful for helping kids improve their vocabulary and understanding of the English language.

For $0.99, our students learned about homophones, roots, context clues, and more. They really enjoyed playing and didn’t even realize they were learning.

Are Your Devices Prepped for Summer Break?

Summer will be here before we know it, so let’s make sure our devices are set to encourage summer learning.

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