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Stay Ahead of the Curve with the Latest Tech

old vs new technologyNew gadgets, devices, and other cool things seem to evolve faster than the speed of light. There is always something new to try, a new device or app that changes how you live, work, or play. If you’re the one in the group to chart new territory and show your family and friends that latest in tech, here are a few you won’t want to miss.

Fitness Wearables

Wearables are almost old school in the world of tech gadgets, but there’s always room for an upgrade to existing technology. You may want to check out the new Samsung Gear Fit2. This fitness tracker has been upgraded with a water resistant body and a sleek curved display that will impress your friends with its style.

Health Gadgets

There are literally thousands of health gadgets out there, some for conditions as serious as heart conditions and diabetes. The health care industry is rapidly adopting tech to improve patient health. These advancements have trickled down to less life threatening conditions including a very useful new gadget, called Nima, to help those with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity to avoid exposure. This life-changing device uses sensors to test food for gluten and is small enough to take to your favorite restaurant.

Safety Gadgets

While a shot of mace is still an instant deterrent, advances in tech have made it easy, and sometimes stylish, to always feel safe. The clunky life alert bracelet of the nineties has turned into products like safety rings, which have built-in GPS, can alert preset contacts, and record audio. With recent terror events around the world, this type of tech will likely become even more popular. Whether it’s a natural disaster or man-made situation, you’ll be able to alert your loved ones fast.

New Phone Tech

The smartphone is the granddaddy of tech and you might think there are no more evolutions to this device. But, Lenovo has just released a game changer, the Phab 2 Pro. It’s the first to use Google’s spatially aware Tango technology and it’s very cool. This phone-on-steroids features Dolby Atmos sound, a huge 6.4-inch quad HD screen, a high-end processor, and four cameras. The cool part is that Tango makes the phone situationally aware and able to track movement and perceive depth. You might want to jump on this one!

Pet Gadgets

Pets are not to be forgotten in the tech revolution. If you’re worried that Fido is bored while you are gone all day, you may want to spring for the GoBone interactive dog toy. You can fill it with treats and control it remotely from an app on your smartphone. Hook up a web cam and you can keep an eye on your friend as he plays.

Gadgets On the Road

If you’re a motorcyclists or bicyclist on the road, the Garmin Varia Vision is the best tech out there for keeping you safe. Rather than mounting on the handlebars, this device attaches to your sunglasses or visor. Though bicyclists will love the tracking info, the safety info is one of its best features. No need to look down for data as information is in your line of sight. Get directions, notifications, and with an add-on, rearview radar to know when cars are coming up from behind. This one could save lives.

It’s tough to keep up with the rapid evolution in the tech world, as newer, smarter, smaller and more powerful devices and gadgets fill our everyday lives. Hang on, there’s much more to come!

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