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Start Saving for Your Summer Vacation Now

If you’re like us, you start thinking about summer as soon as the holidays are over. Winter is great for Christmas and New Year’s, but once the holidays are over, all thoughts turn to warm summer nights. Still, there is also the post-holiday economic hangover to deal with. If the next big spend will be summer vacation, we figure, why not get started now?

Put the money in separate place

Start a new bank account or at least have a separate jar, envelope, or hiding place for summer vacation money. We find that if we lump all our money together in one account, it tends to disappear. If you set up an account specifically for a vacation, though, you remove the danger that the shoes you fell in love with will be paid for out of your summer vacation money.

Cut Back Now to Splurge Later

It’s really all a matter of priorities. For us, a couple of weeks at the beach in summer is one hundred percent worth a few fewer meals at a restaurant now. So, when we want to go out to dinner, we’ll figure out what we would have to spend for a nice meal out. Then, we put that money away for vacation and scrounge around the refrigerator instead.

Book Early—Really Early

Sometimes booking well ahead of time can lead to great savings. A last-minute beach rental is going to cost a lot more than if you book it now. You might need to put the purchase on a credit card, but you should always create a plan to have it paid off before you leave.

Take a Side Job

With the crowdsourced economy in full swing, there are lots of ways to make a little extra money to put towards a summer vacation. There are many job sites geared toward part-timers or freelancers, and if you have a skill, you might be able to turn it into some extra money. Or, you can work a couple of nights a week in retail while the weather is still cold, and take all the earnings to put towards your summer vacation.

Saving for your summer vacation now not only ensures you will have the funds when the time comes, but it also gets you through the winter doldrums, knowing that you’re working towards something fun! And, don’t forget to check out the SideMoney blog for more great ways to save money and earn while doing the things you already do online.

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