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Skiing on the Cheap

Yes, skiing is an expensive sport. Between the equipment, the lift tickets, and the cost of travel, it’s easy to drop a small fortune for a few hours on a mountain. Of course, it’s totally worth it. We’ve come up with a few ways to save a little money on ski trips so you can continue to chase the snow without guilt.

Buy Before You Go

Before you head out to the slopes, make sure to check around on the Internet for deals. There are a few sites that aggregate prices for you, but you may have the most success finding discounts on the official website for your mountain of choice.

Break Out of the Pack

You can find deals during off-peak times, especially mid-week. If you’ve got a flexible job, plan on skiing during the week. Another advantage to this plan is not fighting the weekend crowds for the lift. If you must ski weekends, why not try some of the lesser-known mountains that are often just as good? I just do a little online research, read the reviews, and always find another mountain to tackle.

Rent Your Equipment Before You Get There

Do not ever rent equipment from the resort. If you don’t own equipment or can’t borrow from a friend, check out a ski shop en route to the mountain to save up to 30% in rental fees.

Buddy Up

If you’ve got a long trip, bring friends! Share gas, food, and lodging expenses. You can drastically cut your costs and feel better about your whole trip. Maybe you can even splurge a little and go for the room upgrade if you’ve got a bunch of people to share it with.

Go for a House Instead of Hotel

The top way to save money is to rent a house located off-mountain and cook for yourself. It might be a little harder to get to the slopes, but if the cost savings allow you to ski more often, the minimal hassle will be worth it.

Okay, so you’ve chosen one of the most expensive sports to fall in love with. We get it. But there are always ways to lessen the blow on your wallet. One way is to use SideMoney for a little extra. You can earn points towards gift cards just by watching videos and downloading apps. Give a try before you hit the slopes.

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