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Ready for Summer? Why You Need to Plan Now

Don’t wait until the weather is warm and it’s time to head to the beach before you save some money. Be ready for the summer season by planning ahead and finding ways to come up with some extra money for your vacation. Here are a few ways to save a good chunk of cash by summer, so you’re not left behind.

Give Up Your Morning Latte

Just think about it. If you’re the type of person who loves a large double foam chai soy latte every day, that could add up to $20-$30 spent each week on coffee. That also means you could save at least $20 a week if you skip your latte. And it’s not like you have to start drinking tap water instead. You can still get a great cup of brewed coffee from your own coffee machine and enjoy your morning.

Cancel Your Gym Membership

When the weather turns consistently warmer and nicer, why would you want to exercise indoors at the gym anyway? Take those feet to the street and run a few miles along a nice paved path or play some tennis or basketball. You could even just go for a nice long walk. Be sure to put the money you would have paid to the gym into your summer savings account.

Trim Your Cell Phone Costs

Reviewing your cell phone bill once a year is a great habit to get into. Prices and plans change and so does your usage. Most people end up overpaying on their cell phone bill for a long period of time before they figure out they can opt for a cheaper plan. The cell carriers aren’t going to come looking for you to save you money, so take a look at your cell phone bill today.

Save Your Change

Every time you have change in your pocket or your bag, throw it into a basket at home. Resist the urge to take those quarters out to pay for small items or to get a car wash. You can build up some unexpected savings this way. You can take the coins to a casino, many places have one nearby now, and cash in the change without a service charge. An even faster way to save is to hold onto the $1 bills you get or even better, $5 bills!

Skip the Drinks When Dining Out

You’ll be amazed at how much your bill goes down when you skip the drinks when you go out to dinner, especially if you typicall order alcohol. While many people pay attention to how much their entrées cost, most just order a soda without looking at the price. Sodas can cost over $2 each now, and in many cases almost $3. Pay attention to the small things too, like the extra fries or the appetizers.

Automate savings deposits If you don’t see the money going out, it’s like you never had it in the first place. So, put as much as you can into an automated savings plan and forget about it. Don’t stress yourself out, but do stretch your ability to save. Chances are you can save much more than you think.

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