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What is Passive Income, and How Can SideMoney Help You Earn It?

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn money with very little time and effort? If you answered yes, then maybe it’s time to look into earning some passive income! Passive income can be a great way to pay bills, shrink debt, and generate extra spending money for fun activities. But what is passive income, and how can SideMoney help you earn it?

Defining Passive Income

Passive income is generally defined as income you receive on a regular basis that requires minimal to no effort to generate. Examples of passive income are cash flow from renters living in your home or profits from a business that you own, but do not manage from day to day.

Other common examples of passive income include:

  • Cash flow from real estate you own
  • Interest generated by your bank account
  • Royalties you earn for music, books, art, and other intellectual property
  • Earnings from sales or affiliate links on websitesPassive income can be a fun, easy way to make extra side cash and supplement your current income. With SideMoney, you can earn passive income doing things you’re already doing anyway!

Making Money Doing Things You Already Do

Passive income can be easy to generate if you earn it doing something you’ve already been doing. For instance, if you maintain a book review blog, start adding affiliate links to all your book reviews. That way, when your audience reads your book reviews, they can click on your affiliate links to purchase these same books from sites like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. As a result, you earn a small percentage of each sale just for featuring the affiliate link on your website, and for sending your visitors over to book retailers.

Another easy way to earn passive income is to use credit cards that offer rewards and cash back on purchases. For example, if you frequently gas up at a particular gas station like Shell, look into getting a Shell credit card that offers discounts and cash back on all gas purchases. Frequent flyer programs and shopping rewards programs are other simple ways to save and earn passive income.

Using SideMoney for Passive Income

SideMoney rewards you with free gift cards for doing things you already do on the Internet. Download the SideMoney app to your iOS or Android device, then spend a few minutes per day completing paid surveys, watching brief videos, and trying new apps while getting rewarded in the process. On SideMoney, you can earn points for completing these tasks, which can then be redeemed for gift cards to your favorite retailers.

If you’re constantly on the go but have plenty of free time during daily work commutes or at your kids’ sporting practices, download the SideMoney app on your mobile device to start earning right away. Then, redeem the points you earn for gift cards to Walmart, Target, Amazon, and more!

Ready to start making smart passive income? Install SideMoney today and earn free gift cards doing the things you love online!

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