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Seasonal Produce: Summer Edition

You know that you’re supposed to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables each day. But they sure can cost a lot! One way to save money on produce is to purchase in-season fruits and vegetables, which cost less per pound. Why Does Seasonal Produce Cost Less? When farmers don’t need to take any extra steps …

Silly and Confusing smartphone apps

10 Silliest and Pointless Smartphone Apps

  The purpose of smartphone apps is to make lives and everyday tasks easier and more convenient. But app developers with either a great sense of humor or lack of common sense have managed to develop some of the silliest, most pointless apps in existence. Need a few good laughs to make your day? Check …

Essential Gadgets for Summer

Must-Have Summer Tech Gadgets

What makes tech gadgets ready for summer sun, sand, and water? The keywords are solar, waterproof, and wireless. When you’re ready to spend your days outside, you don’t want to worry about ruining your favorite tech toys. And sometimes, you just want to try out the latest gadget while you’re on vacation. So, here are …

summer smartphone apps

Beat the Heat with These Top 5 Apps

Summer’s here and seems to be roaring in with record heat in many parts of the U.S. Well, guess what? If you’re stuck in the heat, there’s an app for that! Your smartphone may just turn out to be your best friend when you’re stuck inside because of the heat. Here are some apps that …

Free things to do in every city

10 Free Things to Do in Every City

Who says you need to spend money to have fun? If you’ve adopted a lifestyle of shopping, eating out, going to the movies, and visiting special attractions, it can be easy to forget that sometimes, the best —and most fun — things in life are free. Next time you’re looking for something fun to do, …

android storage tips

5 Simple Ways to Free Up Storage on Android

One of Android’s best features is the ability to download apps and games for free from the Google Play Store. But when your Android lacks sufficient storage space, your fun can come to a halt very quickly, unless you take the time to free up memory on your device. Are you having problems installing SideMoney …

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