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Halloween without candy

5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween without Candy

  What are your favorite memories of Halloween? Trick or treating? Dressing up? Spooky parties or haunted houses? How about the seemingly never-ending supply of candy? For many people, Halloween and candy go hand in hand. They think you can’t have one without the other. But that’s simply not true. You can have a fabulous …

Free Workout

Skip the Gym: 5 Ways to Workout for Free

  Exercise is important for your health. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend money to get fit. Here are five different ways to get your heart pumping and muscles working without stepping foot in the gym. YouTube Videos There are tons of workout videos available to watch on YouTube. Simply type in the …

Smartphone Addiction

10 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Your Smartphone

There’s no doubt most of us would feel lost without a smartphone in hand. Smartphones keep us connected to our personal and professional lives, come in handy when we need help with directions or finding information on the fly, and entertain us when we’re bored at the DMV or looking for fun, free things to …

Free Dating Apps

Looking for Love? Try These 8 Free Dating Apps

Ten years ago, our online dating options were limited to eHarmony and, which required us to sit at home on our laptops and desktop computers looking for our next romantic partners. Today, smartphone apps have made the online dating process easier and more accessible, as we can now look for our perfect matches no …

items you should always buy used

10 Things You Should Always Buy Used

The shiny, clean look of a brand-new lawn mower can motivate you to get up early on weekends, but won’t it get dirty after its first use, anyway? Getting behind the wheel of the latest car model can make you feel giddy, but is the brand-new car smell worth the extra thousands of dollars you’ll …

labor day deals

Don’t Miss These Labor Day Deals

Labor Day weekend is a great time to find some of the best deals all year on tech. You’ll find sales on computers, tablets, phones and all the related stuff just about everywhere. Retailers, both brick and mortar stores and online e-tailers, are so happy to be out of the summer doldrums that they throw …

Save money with smartphone

7 Ways Your Smartphone Pays for Itself

The retail price of a new smartphone can range anywhere from $200 to $1,000 depending on the model, manufacturer, and features. While high prices such as these could make some people cringe, consider that the device comes with many tools that make the initial investment seem not only worthwhile but downright wise. Most of today’s …

Gift Cards

Tips for Using Small Remaining Balances on Gift Cards

After the holiday season and your birthday, you might find your wallet stuffed with gift cards from friends and family who didn’t quite know what to buy for you. Even after shopping to your heart’s content, you’re bound to end up with one or more cards that have small leftover balances on them. Perhaps you …

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