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party on a budget

How To Throw a Great Party on a Budget

Life is all about connection with other people, right? And, what good is life without parties? Clubbing, hanging at the local hotspot, and going out for dinner and a movie are all good in turn, but mixing it up with people you like, and throwing in a few new personalities is a ton more rewarding. …

Frugal lunches

6 Frugal Lunches that Actually Taste Good

  Keeping your meal costs low means you’ll be handing over less of your money to the grocery store. If you’re in need of some frugal lunches to add to your meal plan, give these ideas a try. Not only are they inexpensive, they’re also tasty. They can be prepared ahead of time and reheated, …

Simple Snacks

5 Simple Snacks You Can Make from Scratch

When you’re hit by a case of the munchies between meals, a snack is often the cure. But, prepackaged, processed snacks cost a lot of money. Here are five simple snack recipes you can create from basic pantry ingredients. Give them a try; they’re an amazing way to curb your appetite until the next meal …

water usage

5 Ways to Lower Your Water Usage

  Having fresh, clean water plumbed right into your house is definitely not something to take for granted. Many countries in the world struggle to find enough water, and some have to haul it to their homes each day. But, you also have a responsibility to use your water wisely. Not only will lowering your …

Family friendly beverages

4 Ways to Save Money on Family Friendly Beverages

  Everyone gets thirsty, but sometimes plain water gets a little boring. The problem is that many beverages for your family are expensive. Items like soda and juice can really consume large portions of your grocery budget. Here are some ideas for ways to give your family fun drinks that aren’t too expensive. 1. Limit …

best tech for less

5 Ways to Get the Best Tech For Less

Tech is now a big part of back to school shopping, just like new clothes. A new phone, an upgraded laptop, headphones, and a handy portable tablet are on many back to school shopping lists. Whether you’re in college or your kids are getting ready for middle school, you’re bound to need a new tech …

dollar store items

Worst Dollar Store Items That Aren’t Worth $1

Stocked with products that range from snacks, to cosmetics, to housewares, to holiday decorations and more, the dollar store is an ideal go-to venue for people shopping on a budget. However, although each item only costs $1, some dollar-store items just don’t offer the value you deserve and aren’t worth the price. Next time you …

Where to use coupons

5 Places to Find Great Coupons

Coupons are a fabulous way to save money. Depending on your specific coupon’s terms, you’ll save either a percentage or a set dollar amount off your purchase. And coupons aren’t just for groceries anymore. You can find them for toiletries, a restaurant meal, oil changes, and more! But how do you find coupons for products …

Save money on cooking

7 Low-Cost Substitutions for Expensive Ingredients

  Cooking at home saves a lot of money! However, some recipes call for ingredients that are way outside of your budget. Here are some inexpensive substitutions that many home cooks will appreciate. While gourmet foodies might be able to tell the difference, most people won’t be able to. 1. Filet Mignon Filet mignon is …

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