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Essential Gadgets for Summer

Must-Have Summer Tech Gadgets

Essential Gadgets for SummerWhat makes tech gadgets ready for summer sun, sand, and water? The keywords are solar, waterproof, and wireless. When you’re ready to spend your days outside, you don’t want to worry about ruining your favorite tech toys. And sometimes, you just want to try out the latest gadget while you’re on vacation. So, here are a few of the latest to try. Some are innovative, some are practical, and some are just plain fun!

Charge Anywhere with the Solar Hat

The SOLSOL Solar Hat lets you generate power and protects you from the sun. This innovative fashion accessory is stylish and practical. The 5-panel 100% cotton flat brim hat has a snap clasp and integrated solar panels in the brim. While you’re out in the sun you can charge the battery on your iPhone, Galaxy, or LG phone, as well as your other 5-volt devices like iPods, iPads, GoPro cameras, speakers, and headphones.

Make Sure You’re Covered with Sunscreen

We all know that sun protection is a must, especially during those hot summer days on the beach. But most people aren’t getting the coverage and protection that they should, and they don’t even know it until it’s too late. Sunscreen can help. Sunscreen is a UV camera that tells you where you’ve missed. Simply point the camera and let Sunscreen analyze where your skin is covered and where it is unprotected. You’ll never have to guess again whether your sunscreen has worn off. It’s waterproof, portable, and easy to use.

Let the Graava Camera Be Your Editor

Artificial intelligence is the brains behind this unique video camera that automatically identifies and edits your video footage, allowing you to quickly and easily share your moments on social media. Graava is small, portable and easy to take along to the beach or the lake. All you have to do is tell Graava how long you want the final video to be and let it do all the hard work of editing. Special sensors let Graava choose the best scenes and leave out the scenes with your thumb in full view. And, you can combine footage from other Graavas to create multi-viewpoint clips.

Jawbone JAMBOX is Now Waterproof

One of the most popular sound systems on the market, the Jawbone JAMBOX just got better thanks to a partnership with Liquipel. Now the regular and mini are available as Jawbone’s Liquipel Waterproof JAMBOX. A microscopically thin liquid repellent coating lets you use the portable speaker in the shower, at the pool, and at the beach with no worries.

The Ultimate Stylish Waterproof Radio

Need more than just a speaker? Bring your Lexon waterproof radio to the beach or pool. This battery operated, AM/FM Radio has push button volume control, a channel changer in the antenna, and is encased in a splash resistant silicon rubber coating. It’s a great addition to the bathroom, too. It comes in several cool colors and has received accolades for its innovative design.

You’ll Want This High-Tech Beach Mat

The tech behind this innovative Hammacher Schlemmer beach mat comes straight from the military. This material is used to contain dust and sand kicked up during helicopter landings. The mat uses two layers of woven polyurethane to filter sand to the beach, while keeping it from reemerging from the bottom. Nothing stays on this mat but you. Dirt, dust, and water disappear, keeping you nice and clean. Great for the beach, camping, or an outdoor concert, it also resists abrasions, lies flat, and does not absorb moisture.

Once school is out, the beaches are open and the surf is up, all thoughts turn to the outdoors and creating summer memories. These solar, waterproof, and wireless gadgets will keep you charged, safe and help you easily share those memories with your friends and family. After all, the right gadgets make every activity better!

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