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Must Have Apps for Saving Money

Today, almost everyone uses a card or their phone to pay for almost everything.  It’s easy to spend a lot of money quickly when you don’t have to pay cash. The act of opening your wallet to see how much money you have left  used to slow some people down. But now, with one-click, you can spend thousands and not feel a thing.

Technology has certainly made it easier to spend money and created advantages in many ways. But, when you are ready to get serious about saving money, you can use technology to your advantage too. A slew of apps are now available to support you in your savings goals. Here are a few that can help:


Mint has been around for a few years now and survived the days when people were terrified of giving the Internet their personal financial information. Mint has proven itself and is now one of the top apps for keeping track of all of your financial activity. You can connect your retirement account, set a budget and goals, and Mint also shows you your spending patterns so you can reel things in when you go overboard.

Level Money

Level Money is the app that tells you what you can spend, not what you can’t. In a sense, it’s like opening your wallet to see how much money you have. Level money shows you what you have available to spend for the day, week, or month. Level Money also helps you factor in your expenses, like rent, utilities, and food, so that you don’t accidently overspend. It will even help to keep you from spending your savings.


You Need a Budget is a popular app geared toward the younger generation. YNAB certainly makes personal finance less boring. There are four main rules for YNAB: Give every dollar a job, plan for infrequent expenses, roll with the punches if you overspend, and learn how to live on last month’s income. YNAB also offers classes to help you live a healthy financial life.


If you’ve got a handle on savings, and even if you don’t, Acorns will help you get your feet wet with investing some money. Basically, how it works is that you connect your bank account to Acorns and they use their “round-up” system to help you save. For each transaction you make, Acorns rounds up to the nearest dollar and invests the difference for you. You tell Acorns, broadly, how you want to invest your money and that’s it. It’s investing made simple and painless

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