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Make Some Extra Cash During Easter Break

Easter usually means a welcome few days break from school or work, but it doesn’t have to mean a break in your income. When you are just chilling at home during the holiday, you could also be making a little extra bank. Why not get ahead on that summer savings account while you have a little extra time? Using SideMoney is a great way to start.


One of the easiest ways to make extra money is to take surveys on SideMoney. Companies use SideMoney to help them gather feedback from consumers. This is a great way to give your opinion about products and services and to really make a difference.

You can take the surveys whenever you have some extra time, even if you have just a few minutes. And even better, you can take them from anywhere; while waiting in line at the DMV, sitting in the doctor’s office, or just hanging out at Starbuck’s.

The more surveys you take, the easier it is. You can really get into a groove, because sometimes the same questions will be asked again and again. And, by taking more surveys, you may unlock access to better, more sophisticated surveys that pay even more.


Another way to use SideMoney for some extra earning is to download apps. App developers are always looking to increase their numbers and their app ratings and you can help. You can earn from downloading or you can complete tasks within the app itself to maximize your reward, such as providing your email address.

The best part about downloading and rating apps is that you can be the first among your friends to find the next best app. And, let’s face it, we all download apps anyway. So, why not earn some credit for downloading the ones you were going to get anyway!


There are millions of videos on the Internet and a good number of us spend at least some time watching them. While you have some extra time, you can make the most of your video watching and earn a little bit for it.

We are all inundated with ads, whether we are watching TV or streaming shows through the Internet. With SideMoney, you can earn when watching ads and trailers instead of just being annoyed while trying to watch your favorite show. SideMoney lets you decide what you want to watch, from ads to videos to trailers. You get to choose!

So, if you’re already spending tons of time on the Internet, you could use SideMoney to do some of the same things you love to do, like checking out new apps and watching videos, and all the while be making a little extra money with your time.

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