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tips for cooking from home

10 Ways to Save Money Cooking at Home

Eating at restaurants and grabbing snacks to consume on the go can be fun and convenient, especially when you’re hanging out with friends, or lack the time to prepare a wholesome meal at home. Unfortunately, dining out on a regular basis can become quite costly and have adverse effects on your health — not to …

working from home

How to Work from Home with a Toddler

Are you working from home while taking care of a toddler? It’s a challenge, because toddlers are constantly testing limits. They’re actively exploring the world around them and learning about life. If you don’t get your toddler engaged in an appropriate activity, she will find something to do on her own. And, you probably won’t …

productive smartphone apps

4 Free Apps to Increase Your Productivity

Are you struggling to balance work, family, and everything else in your life? Does your to-do list keep growing instead of shrinking? Do you wish you had more time to get everything done? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you might need some help in the productivity department. Increasing your productivity will …

wearable techonology

Here’s Why You Need a Wearable

Although wearable technology devices, or wearables, are relatively new to the tech scene, they have taken it by storm in a short period of time. Wearables gained a new level of cool in 2015 and became mainstream. The general public continues to adopt wearable technology at an amazing rate, in part because of the benefits, …

bored at the dmv

7 Fun Things to Do on Your Smartphone at the DMV

Going to the DMV usually ranks at the top of everyone’s list of the most boring, frustrating things to do — especially if the DMV offices in your city are often too packed and busy for comfort. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, your smartphone is the source of all the entertainment you need to waste …

Bad smartphone habits

10 Bad Smartphone Habits to Stop Right Now

Smartphones have become so integral to our everyday lives, that it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without seeing people on their phones. In fact, people are so attached to their phones that they use them even when they shouldn’t, such as when driving, exercising at the gym, or watching movies in the theater. Practicing bad …

Motivation apps

These 7 Apps Will Get You Off the Couch

We all know we should exercise more. In the U.S., government recommendations are for 150 minutes of aerobic activity every week along with two sessions of strength training. You can cut back on the minutes with increased intensity, and of course don’t forget about stretching. With so much to do, the hardest part usually comes …

Avoid viruses on your phone

5 Ways to Avoid Viruses on Your Android

 Android devices are used by 1.4 billion people across the globe, according to Google. Considering Androids are continuing to rise in popularity, industry leaders are saying viruses and malware threats also are on the rise. Viruses and malware can leave Android users vulnerable to identity theft, fraud, and other attacks that can compromise their overall …

inexpensive family fun

Inexpensive Family Fun

Spending time with your family doesn’t have to take a lot of money. If you’re looking for low-cost ways to enjoy your family time, check out these ideas. Game Night Card and board games aren’t too expensive. You can pick up one every couple of months, and rotate which ones you play. That way the …

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