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How to Keep Laundry from Piling Up

Laundry is a never-ending chore! Just when we think we’re getting ahead, it’s time to change into our pajamas, and the baskets fill right back up.

It’s easy to find ourselves buried in laundry. Piles seem to multiply in a short amount of time.

But, with a plan we can keep laundry from piling up. Here are some tips for tackling the laundry monster.

Finish a Load Every Day

Taking care of a load of laundry means more than just stuffing it in the washer and starting the cycle. We also must move it into the dryer and then put it away when it’s dry.

By making our goal to finish one load of laundry each day, we’re able to stay on top of this chore. We have a day for washing:







•Anything else that’s lurking in the laundry baskets, or another load of darks

You might have different laundry needs, so adjust your days accordingly.

Use Our Washer Wisely

Does your washer have a delay button on it? Ours has one! We can throw a load into the washer at night, and set it on a delay. It’s nice to have the load finishing up as we’re waking up for the day.

Then we can throw it in the dryer and let it dry while we’re getting ready. It just takes a few minutes to fold and put it away once it’s done. We love getting laundry out of the way for the rest day in the morning.

No time in the morning? No problem!

Just load it up in the morning and set it on a delay. We can let it run right before we get home and then toss it into the dryer.

Just remember to fold it and put it away before bed.

Let Others Help

One strategy we’ve used for helping to put laundry away is to enlist the help of family members. We buy a basket for each person, and everyone puts away their own clothes.

This drastically cuts down on the amount of work one person must do. Preschoolers are definitely capable of putting away laundry, so be sure to teach them how.

We also make it a point to teach our teens how to do their own laundry. Then we make them do it regularly from start to finish. They’ll thank us once they’re out on their own!

Use a Dry Erase Marker

Did you know that you can write on most washers with a dry erase marker, and it’ll come off easily? We love this trick. Whenever we put something in the washer that needs to hang up to dry, we just jot a quick note on the washer.

That way we remember when we go to switch the laundry later. We also make notes to remind us to check any items we pretreated for stains. We don’t want to throw it into the dryer if it needs another treatment.

Keep Hangers Nearby

By keeping a stockpile of empty hangers in the laundry room, we’re able to quickly hang up items as we take them out of the dryer. This will help avoid wrinkles.

Need Laundry Supplies?

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