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July is the Best Time to Buy These Items

Everyone knows about Black Friday, the day when the best pre-Christmas deals are available. People around the country wait for Black Friday, and it’s usually the biggest news story of the week. But there’s another trend happening that you may not have heard of. Retailers have caught on to the idea of “Christmas in July,” an occasion that gives them a big boost during what can be a long retail slump: mid-summer.

In order to draw everyone off the beach and into the mall or in front of the computer, some huge sales are becoming staples for the weeks after the Fourth of July. Here are a few of the best deals and the items you will want to be on the lookout for.

Amazon Prime Day for Electronics

Amazon was one of the first large retailers to push the idea of a mega shopping day in July, and the concept is rapidly gaining notoriety. There is one prerequisite to take part in this one-day-only global shopping event, which doesn’t seem to slow it down: you must be an Amazon Prime member to participate. Just like on Black Friday, on Amazon Prime Day electronics are on sale at significant markdowns. Beyond electronics, it’s hard to know what Amazon will mark down and what will truly be a deal. And while this sale is new and there is not a lot of precedent, a wide range of items, including back-to-school products and clothing, will likely be available at great prices.

Amazon Competitors and Summer Items

Because the Amazon Prime Day sale has been so successful, other more traditional retailers have started their own July sales, hoping to compete with the online giant. Wal-Mart has been known to offer free shipping from its website, even before the Prime Day sale began. Stores like Macy’s and Target will likely also mark down electronics and offer deals on summer items like air conditioners and outdoor furniture.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Fall Clothing

This sale has been around much longer and usually happens in late July. It’s the biggest sale each year for Nordstrom and the only time they offer discounts like this. These kinds of discounts can’t be found anywhere else and the store typically cuts 25% to 50% off the prices for a huge selection of items. This is the one and only time of the year Nordstrom offers discounts on recently released items, so you can get great deals on the new fall fashions before fall arrives. Keep your eyes open for coats and boots and other cold weather accessories.

If you need a little extra money for your July spending spree, SideMoney can help. By taking online surveys, watching videos, and downloading apps, you can earn credit toward gift cards at some of these stores, including Target and Wal-Mart. Why wait until July? Start earning now and be ready to buy come sale-season.

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