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Inexpensive Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Summer seems to be baby shower season! We have plenty of showers to attend in the coming months. While we love encouraging the new moms-to-be, we know that all that baby shower gifts can add up quickly.

We wanted to keep costs down, but didn’t want to bring a lame gift. Our search for inexpensive but fabulous baby shower gifts paid off. Here are some of our favorites. They’re each the perfect way to shower a new mama with love.

Let Us Take Care of You Gifts

Service-based gifts don’t cost us anything but our time, but they’re really helpful for new parents. We can create a cute certificate to present at the shower.

Here are some ideas to consider:

•Cleaning house while mom’s in labor (who wouldn’t like coming home to a clean house?)

•Coming over twice a week for a month to tackle laundry

•Watching the new baby while the parents go on a date or take a nap

We don’t just tell the mom that we’re willing to help, we tell her exactly what we can do. And then we make sure to do it!

Baby Spa Basket

Set the parents up with everything they need for a lovely baby bath. Since baby essentials often go on sale, we can buy plenty and know we have gifts on hand. We love putting a few of these items into a baby spa basket.

•Baby shampoo

•Baby soap

•Baby lotion

•Diaper rash cream

•Baby oil

•Hooded towels


A Baby Proofing Kit

While there’s not much baby proofing to be done for newborns, parents will appreciate this gift as their new bundle of joy becomes mobile. We combine some of the following items into a gift basket:

•Outlet covers

•Socks with grips on the bottom

•Stove knobs

•Door locks

•Pool noodles to slice and pad sharp edges with

A Carton of Baby Socks

We want to keep the baby’s feet warm, but we know that washers often eat these little socks. As an inexpensive, but practical gift, we enjoy rolling up a dozen pairs of baby socks. Each of them fit perfectly into a section of an egg carton.

We take time to paint the carton first, and personalize it a bit. Then we add the socks, wrap it up, and have a gift all ready to go.

Hospital Survival Kit

We put this gift together specifically for the new mother’s labor partner while in the hospital. To make it easy to grab and go, we typically pack it in a small bag. We include:

•Money to cover the hospital parking fee (check the price to include exact change!)

•A baggie of change for the vending machine

•Some protein bars

•A couple bottles of water

If we’re crafty, we can create cute labels for each of these. But, it’s not a necessity.

Amazon Gift Cards

New parents always seem to need something they didn’t get at the shower. To help fill the gap, gift them with an Amazon gift card. They can order what they need and have it delivered directly to them.

We recommend signing up for a SideMoney account to earn gift cards. That way you don’t have to spend anything out of pocket to give a thoughtful gift.

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