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How to Keep Your Home Clean All Summer Long

Keeping a house clean during the summer can be a little more difficult than doing so during the rest of the year. With the kids home all day, messes are likely to add up. Here are some ways to help keep your house neat and tidy all summer long:

Keep to Your Routine

One of the best ways to keep your house looking clean and organized during the summer months is to stick to your regular cleaning routine. There is no reason why you should stray from your regular schedule just because your children are home from school. You may have to alter the timing of some of your chores, but you can still get all your tasks done as long as you maintain some semblance of your routine. If you feel overwhelmed trying to clean around your kids, consider working at night while they sleep. You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish when the house is quiet!

Utilize Nap Time

If your kids are younger, implement a summer naptime. If the kids are a little older, have them take some quiet time in their rooms so that you can get some work done in peace. Use this time to do the jobs that take extra focus and attention, such as deep cleaning the windows or cleaning out the refrigerator.

Involve Your Kids

Who says the adults should do all the housework? Get your kids involved with the daily tidying of the home so that you all have time for more fun things, like swimming or visiting the free summer reading program at the library. Consider implementing a simple but effective cleaning schedule for your kids. You will need to base the duties on the child’s age, but it is important to get all kids involved in some way—even toddlers. For younger kids, dusting, picking up toys, taking laundry to the hamper and throwing things in the garbage can are well within their scope of capability. Older kids should be able to do a number of things to help out around the house. Along with keeping their own bedrooms neat and tidy, they can help make beds, fold and put laundry away, vacuum, sweep, load the dishwasher and take the garbage out. Working together on housework will make everything run smoothly for the whole summer.

Remain Realistic

While you will want a nice clean house all the time, keep in mind that it is important to be realistic. You are used to having the kids gone all day at school. Obviously, your home is going to be neater when the kids are away when compared to their continuous time at home. The more people at home each day, the more disorder there is going to be. Try not to get overwhelmed by the additional mess that can happen during the summer. Just keep to your regular routines and keep the home as clean as you can. Don’t give into frustrations over a slightly messy house.

Keeping a neat home is important, and being organized is a great way to accomplish all of your tasks. For more help with ideas on keeping a clean house, be sure to visit the SideMoney blog for more tips and tricks. If you want to earn some extra spending money, sign up for SideMoney. You can earn some great rewards that you can use for yourself or your family after a long day of cleaning house!

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