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How to Have a Successful Summer Picnic

The summer season is a perfect time to have a picnic. Whether you want to have a nice afternoon lunch with your kids in the backyard, or spend a warm, romantic summer evening picnic with your sweetie, here are some helpful tips to make it the best summer picnic ever:

Keep It Simple

While picnicking is a lot of fun, it can quickly become too fussy. This can put a damper on your event, so do everything you can to simplify the process. If you have to carry your picnic any distance at all, try to keep the items needed to a minimum. Instead of heavy silverware and plastic plates, go with disposable instead. This will make a substantial difference when you are carrying the basket! Also, be sure to season anything you are bringing ahead of time so that you will not need to carry a salt or pepper shaker. Similarly, try to only bring one cooler or picnic basket, and do not fill it completely. Only bring the items you know you will need. Taking the time to think about these small details will have a positive impact on your picnic.

Have Fun, Easy Food

Another way to have a successful picnic is to bring things that are easy to eat. Again, try to keep it simple. Make chicken or tuna salad for sandwiches or crackers. That way, you do not need to bring all the condiments you would want for cold cut sandwiches. If you do want to make turkey or ham sandwiches, assemble them ahead of time. To make your sandwiches fun, cut them into pretty summer shapes. You can also have a snack lunch of cheese, crackers, grapes and a veggie tray. Another way to keep the picnic simple is to put two dishes into one. Instead of making a separate salad to go with your sandwich, stuff your sandwich filling and salad ingredients into a pita. This way, you only have to deal with one item, and you eliminate the need for a salad plate and fork!

Don’t Forget to Protect Yourselves

While your goal is to have a nice picnic, it is important to remember safety first. Summer is hot and sunny, so be sure to have enough sun protection. Bring your sunscreen and sun hat. You may want to set up your picnic under some trees or in a park pavilion to keep cool.

It is also smart to think about insects. Summertime is the peak for mosquitos, so be sure to wear insect repellant. Then, when you set up the picnic, make sure you aren’t near any anthills so that you can avoid getting bitten. You may want to pack a few medicated wipes in your picnic basket in case any insects strike.

Going out for a summer picnic is such a fun activity for everyone. For more fantastic summer ideas that won’t break the bank, visit the SideMoney blog. There, you will find articles on numerous ways to celebrate summer on a meager budget. If you would like to earn a little extra spending money by completing easy tasks, consider signing up for SideMoney. You can earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards to some of the best retailers in the country.

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