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How to Get the Latest Tech for Less Than Everyone Else You Know

money for new techAre you a tech junkie? If so, then you probably already know that it can be a pretty expensive hobby. Luckily, there’s an easy way to earn extra money towards your next purchase and maybe even get it absolutely free.

It’s called SideMoney. You can take surveys, watch videos, and download apps, all while making money. SideMoney gives you a reward for each task you complete, and you can turn that reward into savings on the latest tech gadget.

You can use the app as often as you want and complete as many offers as you are able, in order to get more credits. Offers are being updated all the time so checking in often will help you discover the newest offers you can complete. You’ll never get bored on SideMoney!

So how do you get the latest tech for less than everyone else you know? It’s easy!

Make Some Extra Money

Load up the SideMoney app and check the offer boards. You may see some interesting and quick surveys you can take. Some may take you 10 minutes, others may just be a quick two minutes. It’s easy and you will earn a reward. Or check out some of the ads, video game or movie trailers. You may know about the next release before anyone else. It’s easy and again, you will earn a reward. Maybe you want to see what new apps are available. Download a couple that seem cool and check them out. Again, it’s easy and you earn a reward.

Get a Gift Card

Now that you’ve earned all of these rewards, it’s time to turn your free time into savings. Just cash out your credits for gift cards. There are cards for many major stores, or you can get a PayPal card. This is the feel-good, free money part that you’ve been waiting for!

Find a Sale on Your Favorite Item

To maximize your savings, make sure you find your coveted tech gadget on sale. Combine this with the free money you got from SideMoney, and you will definitely be getting the latest tech for less than everyone else you know!

SideMoney is better than a part time job because you can do it in your free time, from anywhere. Plus, downloading apps and watching videos and advertisements is something you already do in everyday life. So why not make some money while you’re at it and upgrade that smartphone!

So if you’re addicted to tech and you just have to have the latest smartphone or gadget, SideMoney can help you get it faster. Your friends will be wondering how you manage to do it. If you turn them on to SideMoney you might even be able to get a referral bonus credit. Check out SideMoney’s Refer-A-Friend program and see how you can earn 500 extra credits. You’ll earn even more money for that new tech.

Let others pay full price for the latest gadget, you’ve got SideMoney in your pocket!

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