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Fun Activities for Kids on Those Rainy Summer Days

Summertime is typically a fun time for kids. There’s time to go swimming, play outside and ride bikes to their hearts’ content. However, there is no shortage of rainy days over the summer season, and the last thing you want to hear is a child telling you they’re bored. In case of rain, it’s a smart idea to have some fun activities in your back pocket to keep the kids entertained. Here are some fun and frugal activities you can choose from:

Have a Glow Dance Party

One enjoyable way to pass a rainy day is to dance it away! Use the dark, cloudy days to your advantage and have a glow dance party. It is great to have some glow sticks on hand during the summer for warm evenings outside, or for Independence Day celebrations. Use your glow sticks on rainy days, too! You can use them to make fun toys for a dreary day dance party. Crack them open and put them inside balloons. The kids can dance with them and throw them around while boogieing the day away.

Make Button Jewelry

Do you have a bunch of random buttons lying around the house? If so, allow the kids to use them to make button jewelry. All you need are buttons and string or ribbon. The kids can choose from different shapes, sizes and colors of buttons to make their craft. Have them thread their buttons onto the string, then cut it to make a necklace or bracelet. You are not only using items that you already have, but the kids will have a little keepsake to remember the fun time they had.

Have Read Aloud Time

If life is busy, chances are there has not been much time for summer read alouds. Why not use this time to sit down with your kids and read them an interesting chapter book? Even if they are old enough to read themselves, it is always fun to hear someone else tell the story. Use funny voices when reading to help the kids stay interested. If you are going to read a book that they are familiar with, you can even have them dress up as their favorite character while you’re reading to get them more involved with the story.

Make a Fun Treat

Another entertaining thing to do with kids on a rainy day is to make a fun treat. Choose something that is simple so they can mostly do it on their own. Chocolate-dipped marshmallows are fun and easy for kids to make. Simply place some large marshmallows on skewers or lollipop sticks, then dip them in melted chocolate. You can also provide different toppings so that the kids can personalize them. Crumbled cookies, sprinkles, shredded coconut and cereal are just a few ideas that you can use. Let the kids have fun with it! Once they are finished, the kids can enjoy a yummy afternoon snack. Just be sure to have the kids help you with the cleanup.

The summer season is such a fun and memorable time for kids, so keep some interesting and easy activities in mind for when the days are dark and rainy. For more ideas on keeping kids busy during the summer, visit the SideMoney blog. While you’re there, go ahead and sign up for SideMoney. You can do a few simple and easy tasks that will earn you great rewards that you can use all summer long.

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