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Finals Are Coming. Stop Procrastinating!

It’s almost time for finals again, and it’s a fact that most people procrastinate when it comes to studying. After all, there’s a whole semester of hard work behind you, and it can be difficult to rally the effort that it takes to study properly.

Lots of people brag about pulling all-nighters and then acing exams, and this can work sometimes. But, it’s really not a strategy for success, or health for that matter. Instead, why not try a few of these ideas to get through the season.

Divide and Conquer

While you can break down your tasks within each subject and attack them in a linear fashion, you can also take a look at the big picture. Create a larger list of study tasks and then pick and choose something each day from the list. This gives you the flexibility to do what you feel your brain is in the mood for, which will help you to study it better. Just be sure you’re not procrastinating on your least favorite subject!

Get Rid of the Guilt

One sure way to get rid of the feeling you’re not doing enough is to have a plan. You know how many hours you have in a day. So, make sure you are putting those hours to good use. You can even go so far as to pencil in the time of day you’ll devote to each task. At the end of the day, when you’re checking completed items off your list, there should be no guilt, only a feeling of accomplishment.

Watch Your Attitude

Many people experience test anxiety. This can lead to poor results. Instead, why not remind yourself that any one test is not likely to predict your whole future, and it’s definitely not a reflection on your self-worth. So, be proud of your hard work and try to enjoy the learning process. If you do bad on the test, just make a plan to do better next time.

Bribe Yourself

Let’s face it, humans work for reward. While getting a good grade feels great, you likely need to wait a few weeks before you actually find out what your grade is. When you’re trying to motivate yourself to study, you need near-instant gratification. So, play some games with yourself. For instance, if you do the chemistry practice test, treat yourself to a latte. Place your favorite chocolate bar two chapters ahead in your textbook and eat it when you get there. Study for twenty minutes and then take a ten-minute break. Repeat. Find what motivates you and give it to yourself!

One way to take a quick break from studying is to load up your SideMoney app. You can watch videos, take surveys, and download apps while you take a study break and you can earn while you do it. Then, when finals are over, you take your earnings and buy yourself a gift for a job well done.

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