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6 Crazy Ways to Save Money Using Social Media

If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, chances are you’ve allowed yourself to get lost in the stimulating world of social media. You might have planned to log in for just a few minutes to check on your friends’ status updates, only to find that you’re still browsing photos and timelines hours later. What …

working from home

How to Work from Home with a Toddler

Are you working from home while taking care of a toddler? It’s a challenge, because toddlers are constantly testing limits. They’re actively exploring the world around them and learning about life. If you don’t get your toddler engaged in an appropriate activity, she will find something to do on her own. And, you probably won’t …

Sinking Fund Tips

What Is a Sinking Fund, and Why Do You Need One?

When you’re budgeting, how do you handle all of those recurring expenses that happen annually or every couple of years? Things like: Car tags Warehouse store memberships Amazon Prime membership Annual subscriptions Car tires If you don’t have a plan to cover these expenses, they’ll come as a surprise hit to your budget each time …

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