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Enjoy Watching Videos? Here’s How to Get Paid

Are you a video buff? Are you always streaming clips on your smartphone? If watching videos is something you love, it’s time to turn your pleasure into profit.

Simply download the SideMoney app on your smartphone and sign up for a free account. Whenever you have some spare time you can log in and earn points by watching videos. It’s the perfect way to make your down time more productive.

Select an Offer

Once you’re logged in, just open the hamburger menu over on the left-hand side of the SideMoney app. From there, you’ll want to tap on the “Watch Videos” option.

Next, it’s time to pick one of the SideMoney partners to watch videos from. You should see a couple of options. Just tap on the one you want.

Some of the partners offering videos might ask you to answer a few simple questions about things such as your race, age, and gender. This will help them match you up to great video content. Just tap on the answers that best describes you and hit “Submit”. Once you’ve answered the questions, you’ll be able to watch videos and start make money.

Start Watching

Videos should start streaming automatically. Once you’ve watched the entire video, an X or the word close will appear in the corner. You’ll want to tap that to get back to the offer selection page.

Some video offers require you to watch more than one video to earn points. Once the video has played far enough, a green arrow up in the right-hand corner will illuminate with the words “Next Page”. Tap this arrow, and you’ll see another video. Continue watching and to new pages until the arrow says “Finish.” Then you’ll be able to select another offer or exit the app.

See Your Points Accumulate

After every video offer, points are added to your account immediately. If you look to the top right hand corner of the app, you’ll be able to see your points accumulate. There is a shopping bag icon, with a black circle next to it. Inside the circle is a number. That’s your point count. After every video finishes, the number should increase.

How to Maximize Points

Most video offers are worth a couple points each. While it may not sound like a lot, the videos are super short. As you continue watching, your points will really add up.

To maximize your video points, be sure to pay attention to the app. You’ll want to close out each video as quickly as possible and immediately start streaming the next one. The more you watch, the more you’ll earn.

Check Your Earnings and Cash In

You can check your earnings any time by utilizing the “History” option on the menu. Here you’ll find detailed records for every offer you’ve completed and how many points you earned for each.

Once you’ve earned enough points, you can use the SideMoney Rewards Store to get gift cards to many of your favorite retailers.

Get Started Today!

You really can earn money by watching videos. To get started, sign up for a SideMoney account today.

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