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Disqualified for an Online Survey? 5 Ways to Qualify and Get Paid

Qualify for Online SurveysCompleting online surveys can be a fun, easy way to earn some extra cash. Getting paid to answer questions and offer your opinions seems like the perfect way to earn money — but only if you can get past the initial screening and qualify for the survey.

Getting disqualified for online surveys can be frustrating, especially when you take time out of your day to provide detailed information about your gender, age, income, number of children, and other pertinent factors. However, there are ways you can improve your chances of qualifying and finally earn the supplemental income you deserve.

Do you keep getting disqualified for online surveys? Check out these 5 ways to qualify and get paid!

1. Log In Immediately

If you’re signed up for one or more online survey sites, log in or click on the survey link as soon as possible after receiving the notification. Most businesses and marketing companies have limited slots available based on their budgets, which means you might be automatically disqualified by joining in too late.

Check your email regularly, or set up alerts on your smartphone so you can be notified right away when surveys are available.

2. Provide Honest Information

Always provide accurate, honest information about yourself, since most websites track your responses and can tell when you’re being dishonest about your age, gender, and other factors for the sake of qualifying for a survey.

Pre-screening questionnaires exist to determine whether you’re the right target audience for the survey. Being honest can work in your favor in the long run as you might get invited back to take future surveys on similar topics.

3. Complete Shorter Surveys

If you find yourself facing constant disqualification, try seeking out shorter surveys to avoid wasting your time on longer surveys that don’t pan out. Your initial earnings might be less than what you hoped, but at the same time, you’ll be working toward building your survey profile — which could lead to longer, higher-paying survey opportunities down the road.

4. Invest Time and Patience

The more time you dedicate to taking and qualifying for surveys, the more opportunities you’ll receive from specific survey sites and services. Most marketing and survey panels reward consistent survey takers with a higher number of surveys that offer higher payouts. Plus, the more information you provide during screenings, the more survey panels will know about you so they can offer you specific types of surveys.

Be patient in the beginning, and understand that building your profile can take time, which will eventually pay off in the long run.

5. Complete and Update Your Profile

When signing up and registering for an online survey site, complete your user profile in its entirety. Marketing firms and survey panels will sometimes head to your profile before sending out survey links to determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for a particular survey.

Additionally, update your profile regularly to confirm your information is accurate and to avoid being disqualified for providing conflicting information. For example, if you recently filled out a survey that asked about the type of vehicle you drive, and your profile specifies that you drive a different type of vehicle, you could risk being disqualified. Maintaining an updated profile can improve your chances of qualifying for surveys.

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