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Deals to Watch Out for in May

Everyone wants to get a great deal, but it can take a lot of research to know where to find the one you want. While it can take some planning to save money, it can be well worth the effort if you can save a great deal of your hard earned cash. So, here’s a little secret: paying attention to the month can save you even more.

Many products have a specific season when it is cost effective to buy them. For instance, most people know that electronics go on sale around Christmas. And of course, February is a great month for sales as stores try to push out old stock. Shoulder seasons are great too, as stores make room for a new season of merchandise. As spring gets started and we head into May, here are some deals to watch out for.


This means pots and pans and the like. Whether you’re getting married in June or graduating into your own apartment, a cookware set may be coming your way in May. The timing of this sale is a bit of a throwback to traditional gift giving cycles, but is still very relevant. Check around at stores like Macy’s and Kohl’s for steep discounts in the homewares department.

Refrigerators and Appliances

One of the biggest blowout sale days of the year is in May: Memorial Day. May 29 is Memorial day this year and you are sure to find sales on major, and minor, appliances for the kitchen from all the big box retailers. If your fridge is on its last legs, a newer model at a good price may be just around the corner.


Another big Memorial Day push is on furniture. Keep an eye out for ads in the local paper and focus on a couple of items that you’ve really been meaning to replace. Mattresses, sofas, and bedroom and kitchen sets are usually the top items on a retailer’s May sale list.


It seems like every major holiday is a huge car sale time, and Memorial Day is no exception. This is one of the bigger ones though because car dealers understand the pull of the warmer weather, the feeling of summer freedom, and how this translates to the urge to buy a new car!

Keeping track of the best time to buy and to save yourself some money can feel like a fulltime job. Hopefully, these ideas will make saving money in May easy on you.

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