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Cool Summer Drink Savings Ideas

Sitting outside enjoying a drink by the pool or on a deck overlooking the ocean is one of the best parts of summer. Sundowners are a traditional way to end summer days pretty much everywhere. But, the cost of those fancy summer drinks can add up. Even if you make them yourself at home, you may be on a tight budget and thinking about how to create heavenly summer concoctions for less money.

We’ve got you covered. Here are a few ways to save on your cool summer drinks.

Use an App

Of course! When you are looking to save some money, there’s an app for that. Your iPhone or Android is ready and waiting to help you save, even on alcohol. There are a few apps, like the WalMart Savings Catcher, that will actually find deals on beer and wine for you. Just take a picture of your receipt and let WalMart shop around. Other apps will alert you to specials going on near you at bars and restaurants, and coupon apps will let you save at the register. The bottom line is, don’t pay full price!

Choose a Cheaper Brand

Maybe you love your top shelf liquor or wine, but could you really tell the difference in a taste test? Why not try it? You may be surprised to find that the only thing you’re paying for is the marketing.

Go Frozen

Frozen drinks are a summertime staple. The good news is this: because the drink is mostly ice, you are actually saving on alcohol and mixers. These drinks usually cost more at a bar or restaurant, because they are considered to be premium. Don’t fall for it! Fire up that blender and create a round for everyone.

Hit Up Happy Hours

Happy Hour hunting is totally worth it. Not only can you find amazing deals on drinks, beer, and wine, you can also usually find great discounts on food too. If you don’t mind starting your evening early, you can save a ton. In summer, many places offer an extended happy hour that can push you into the early evening too.

Buy Big

It pays to shop at the warehouse stores when it comes to alcohol. Stock up for summer and save big over the prices you will pay at the grocery store or a liquor store. If you’re having a summer barbeque, you definitely want to stock up on your liquor and your mixers from Costco or Sam’s Club. The oversized bottles will not go to waste.

If you need a little extra spending money for those summer drinks, be sure to use SideMoney. You can watch videos, take surveys, or download apps, all while earning credits toward gift cards. Turn those gift cards into savings on your beverage of choice!

Summer means good times with friends and family, sitting outside and just having fun. But don’t forget to be safe and always use a designated driver.

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