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5 Ways to Get the Best Tech For Less

best tech for lessTech is now a big part of back to school shopping, just like new clothes. A new phone, an upgraded laptop, headphones, and a handy portable tablet are on many back to school shopping lists. Whether you’re in college or your kids are getting ready for middle school, you’re bound to need a new tech device. So, you might as well figure out how to get a bargain on it. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Back To School Sales

Of course, retailers are all over the back to school crowd. It’s not only about pens and paper though. You’ll find plenty of computers, laptops, tablets, and printers on sale too. Look for bundles, sometimes made up of a computer, monitor, and printer for a convenient all-in-one way to set up a dorm room.

Buy a Refurbished Device

Don’t believe the negative stigma around refurbished electronic devices. If you buy a refurbished laptop or phone from one of the major retailers, you can have full confidence that it will function properly. Think about it, the device has gone through rigorous testing after being fixed, while only a handful of new devices are tested randomly as they are pulled off the assembly line.

Don’t Buy the Latest

Retailers will often let the previous generation of a product go at a steep discount when the new version is about to be released. If you don’t care enough about have the latest and greatest, this tactic can be a real money saver. If you are going to keep the device for three or four years, it won’t matter that you are behind, because you probably always will be. And, changes between generations are most often not dramatic enough to justify the extra money.

Use Coupon Codes

Before you buy anything, at any online store, make sure you open another browser window and do a search for coupon codes. Almost all stores have them and there are website dedicated to getting them out to the public. Sometimes it’s free shipping, sometimes it’s a percentage off, but you won’t know about the savings you could have until you look for the savings. Make a goal to never pay full price!

Trade In

Most of us have old tech devices lying around, especially phones. You could sell your gear to an online electronics broker for some cash, or you can bring it in to Best Buy for a store credit. Amazon also takes back old devices and gives you a gift card credit. You can use the money for your next device.

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