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These Apps Maximize Your Vacation Planning

Like just about everything else, vacation planning has moved to the smartphone. The ability to check prices, be alerted to price drops, and compare the many options, makes the whole process easier. Today, many people rely on smartphone apps to save and plan for their upcoming trips. We’ve developed a list of the travel apps we can’t live without. Here they are:


Hopper is just the place to start planning if your vacation requires air travel. Enter the place you are traveling to into Hopper and it will alert you to the best deals for your destination. Set up alerts and the app will let you know when a trip within your budget is available. Why not put in your wish list destinations and see what happens?


Everyone seems to know Airbnb these days. But if you don’t already have it and you’re planning a trip, you may want to download it now. The company and its service have been around long enough now to have outlived most of the skeptics. Simply put: you can find great rooms, apartments, or houses to rent at great prices. Often you can find a unique spot that beats the pants off a generic hotel room. Keep this one handy for last minute stays too.


This is an app you definitely don’t want to miss when you’re road tripping. Hotwire shows you cheap rates on last-minute hotel rooms. Hotels would rather fill these rooms at a lower rate than let them go unsold for the night. Just enter the city you are in (you can even focus on certain areas) and see the rates nearby. You don’t get to see the name of the hotel until you book it, but you do see the star rating and examples of hotel chains in that category. It can be fun to book a five-star hotel at a cheap rate and then be surprised by which one you got.


When you want to start putting away some cash for your next vacation, Acorns is the app you want. It’s easy to set it and forget it. Then, before you know it, you have a little pile of cash to cover that hotel or flight. All you have to do is link your debit card bank account to the app and set automatic round ups. Then, every time you use your debit card the app will round your purchase up to the nearest dollar (or fifty cents if you prefer) and puts the difference into your Acorns investment account. Simply put, you are saving a little on each purchase and putting that money toward your next trip. Easy!

Another way to save a little toward your next vacation is to use SideMoney. With SideMoney you can earn credit toward gift cards by watching videos, downloading apps, and taking online surveys. SideMoney can help you earn gift cards to your favorite stores, including Target, Amazon, and Wal-Mart. Or, you can choose PayPal cash to use the money anywhere you want. Get started earning toward your vacation today!

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