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Apps You Should Definitely Tell Your Mom About on Mother’s Day

What mom doesn’t want her life to be easier? Between paying the bills, managing her health, and running a household, your mom needs all the help she can get to maintain her overall happiness, livelihood, and sanity. This Mother’s Day, tell your mom about apps she can download that will enhance her life, and make you that much more favorable in her eyes!


SideMoney allows you to earn free gift cards to major retailers just for spending a few minutes per day filling out surveys, watching videos, and downloading new apps. Help your mom download SideMoney to her iOS or Android device, and walk her through completing the first few tasks. Then, show your mom how to redeem the points she earns for free gift cards to places like Walmart, Target, and Starbucks.


If your mom loves buying or selling things on Craigslist, but sometimes worries about the safety of the transactions, tell her to look into using VarageSale. VarageSale works in a manner similar to that of Craigslist, but requires its users to link to the app using their Facebook accounts. This allows everyone to see real names, photos, and reviews about certain users before initiating transactions.


Flipboard is a news and magazine app that allows you to follow and subscribe to articles on your topics you love from your favorite sources and publications. Your mom can subscribe to health and beauty mags, foodie blogs, and motivational sites guaranteed to keep her inspired and occupied throughout the day. Flipboard even allows you to follow other users who share similar interests so you can access more of your favorite content.

ContinuousCare Health

This all-in-one health app allows you to keep track of doctor’s appointments, access medical records, and have all health-related questions answered by medical professionals. If your mom is managing your entire family’s health in addition to her own, ContinuousCare allows her to monitor ongoing treatments for everyone in the family.

Words with Friends

This Scrabble-inspired app has been around since 2009, and was one of the top-ranking games for a few years after its release. The rules for Words with Friends are similar to that of Scrabble, and it allows users to invite their friends to play. The game even features a built-in chat feature so your mom and her friends can laugh between turns about the words they create.


If your mom is constantly driving around and on the go, Waze keeps her informed about nearby accidents, traffic jams, and speed traps. Waze also offers GPS navigation so she won’t have to use multiple apps at the same time to reach her destination. The app even allows your mom to share real-time traffic tips with the rest of the Waze community so everyone on the road can stay safe.

Along with these apps, show your mom how to make extra spending money with help from SideMoney! SideMoney rewards you with free gift cards to your favorite retailers just for doing the things you love online. Download SideMoney today, and get started on earning money for gift cards to Barnes and Noble, PayPal, and more!

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