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9 Types of Fresh Produce that Will Last a Long Time

If you’re trying to head to the grocery store less frequently these days, it can be hard to ensure you’re eating enough produce. Here are nine options that will last a few weeks when properly stored. They’ll help make sure you can enjoy your fruits and vegetables until your next shopping trip.

1.      Carrots

Whole carrots and baby carrots both have a long life in your fridge. To maximize their shelf life, place a damp paper towel in the bottom of your crisper drawer. Then place your carrots in the drawer in a plastic bag.

This little bit of moisture will help keep your carrots from drying out, and help them stay fresh even longer. Be sure to check your carrots periodically and immediately remove any that are starting to rot. Otherwise, the rot can spread quickly through the entire bag.

2.      Celery

Unlike carrots, you don’t want to store celery in a plastic bag. Otherwise, it’ll quickly become limp in your fridge.

Instead, remove the celery from the bag it came in. Then, wrap the celery tightly in a piece of aluminum foil. Be sure to cover the ends. This will help keep your celery edible for several weeks.

3.      Onions

Onions also last a long time. But, you don’t want to keep onions in your refrigerator. That will change both the taste and texture of the onions.

A brown paper bag works well for storing onions. You want air to be able to get in, so punch a couple of holes in the bag with a hole-punch. Then, roll down the top of the bag.

Be sure you don’t keep your onions next to your potatoes. They spoil faster together.

4.      Iceberg Lettuce

Not all lettuce stores well, but iceberg can last for two weeks when properly stored. It’s best stored in a zip-style bag once it’s been washed and thoroughly dried. You don’t want to store wet lettuce, so a salad spinner helps.

Then put your lettuce loosely into your bag. Don’t pack it down. Get as much air out of the bag as you can, and put it in the crisper drawer.

5.      Apples

Apple season is in the fall, but when stored properly, this fruit can last for months. You want to keep apples in a dry, cool environment where they won’t freeze.

The crisper drawer of your fridge or a garage that is insulated where the temperature won’t drop below 30 degrees are both great storage options. If you keep apples in the fridge, use the damp paper towel trick shared above.

Do you remember the saying: “One bad apple spoils the lot?” There’s truth there. Check your apples periodically and take out any that are bruised or spoiling.

6.      Oranges

Oranges can last for at least a month when handled and stored properly. You’ll want to keep them in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.

You can keep them at room temperature, but they will deteriorate more quickly this way.

7.      Winter Squash

Winter squash refers to several varieties of squash that have a thick outer shell. These are harvested in the fall, and can last all winter long.

You’ll want to purchase squash that doesn’t have any blemishes. This will help extend their storage. Squash should be stored at 50 degrees Fahrenheit in a dark location. Inside a kitchen cupboard can work.

8.      Potatoes

If you keep potatoes cool in a dark place, they’ll last quite a while. Just don’t store them next to onions. Keeping them in a paper bag in a dark cupboard works well.

9.      Cabbage

You can store green cabbage for about a month in the fridge. Just keep it in the plastic bag it came in. It can stay in the crisper drawer, or on the bottom shelf of your fridge.

If you need to use half a head of cabbage, remember to rewrap the other half in plastic before restoring.

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