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8 Smart Ways to Use Old Coffee Grounds

If you brew lots of coffee at home, chances are you normally dump your used coffee grounds into the kitchen trash or garbage disposal. But if you’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to save money, or for new supplies to use in home DIY projects, you’ll be pleased to learn about the many creative things you can do with old coffee grounds!

Here are 8 smart ways to recycle old coffee grounds and save money you’d otherwise spend on extra household products.

1. Deodorizer

Coffee grounds have the ability to absorb foul odors, much like baking soda. Dump used coffee grounds into small bowls and place them in rooms that need refreshing. You can even rub your hands with coffee grounds to remove unpleasant odors such as fish.

2. Cleaning

Coffee grounds are abrasive, and can be used to clean stubborn crust and debris from pots, pans and dishware. Place coffee grounds onto a pan’s surface, then scrub using a sponge. Just make sure the item you’re washing won’t get stained by the coffee grounds.

3. Pest Repellant

Most insects and animals are repelled by the smell of coffee grounds, and tend to stay away from areas exuding strong odors of coffee. Sprinkle coffee grounds in your yard and in other areas to repel mosquitos, cats and other pests.

4. Candles

The smell of coffee invokes feelings of comfort, warmth and home for many people. Try making your own living space cozier and more inviting using coffee-scented candles. Search the web for simple DIY directions on how to make your own candles; all you need is old candle remnants, a candle wick and used coffee grounds.

5. Dust Stopper

Do you loathe cleaning ashes from the fireplace due to the mess it makes? Next time, sprinkle wet, used coffee grounds on top of the ash in your fireplace before cleaning. This prevents the dust from rising and settling all over your clean living room.

6. Fertilizer

Used coffee grounds have a neutral pH level, and can provide plants with nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and other nutrients. Mix used coffee grounds into the soil to fertilize your favorite plants. Just be sure to use old coffee grounds, since fresh coffee grounds are highly acidic and can harm your plants.

7. Furniture Stain

Is any of your wood furniture plagued by scratches and scuffs? Mix used coffee grounds with ¼ cup warm water and ¼ white vinegar, then rub the mixture over scratches on wood furniture; the coffee grounds will naturally stain and cover the scratches. Wipe the coffee ground mixture away after 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how dark you want the stain.

8. Perfume Testing Aid

Next time you visit the mall or department store to sample perfume, bring along a small plastic bag of used coffee grounds. Sniff the coffee grounds after every perfume sample you test to clear your nose. This allows you to move on to the next perfume sample without having smells merge together.

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