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Here are 7 Ways That Tech Can Save You Money

Save money on New TechBuying tech—devices, appliances, and accessories—can add up, especially if you’re the type that has to have the latest and greatest technology. But, if you really think about it, sometimes new technology can actually save you money. Technological advances in all areas of life can help you save on food, gas, water, electricity, and can actually help your budget.

Here are a few ideas for products, gadgets, and apps that will save you some money just by using them.

Smart Sprinkler Systems

Water is an expensive utility and with a smart sprinkler you can save every precious drop. Smart sprinkler systems can be controlled by an app that lets you adjust on demand, or have the system automatically adjust to the season and the weather.

Smart Thermostat

Based on your settings and your usage patterns, smart thermostats are already saving many consumers tons of money on their electricity bills, just by using heating and cooling more efficiently. Another advantage is that you never have to come home to a house that is too hot or too cold.

Smart Power Strips

Most of us use power strips to plug in devices and appliances. A smart power strip will monitor the outlet and the devices to detect when something goes into standby mode. Then, it will automatically cut the power so you don’t have to. This can lead to some pretty good savings, as up to 10% of your household energy bill might be going to tech that uses standby power.

Cancel Your Cable

Cable TV is probably one of your most expensive household bills. Cut it and get yourself a smart TV to stream from the internet. Or, sign up for a simple service that offers minimal TV, like local channels. You’ll save tons of money and you won’t be paying for 200 channels of TV that you don’t ever watch.

Efficient Shower Head

Believe it or not, shower heads are one of the hottest products in the eco-friendly product world. There are several designs; the latest uses a thin mist of water that is said to clean as well as a strong stream. Water efficient showerheads save hundreds of gallons of water a year and even low-end models are worth it.

Solar Charger

Charging portable devices can now be free if you use a solar charger. Just use the sun to power up your tablets, cameras, and phones. Most also have a USB slot and are portable so you can take them anywhere.

Apps to Save on Dinner

Before you go out to dinner, be sure to check your favorite app for specials, discounts, and coupons. Whether it’s Yelp, Groupon, or TripAdvisor, you can find out about all the local deals and save money while still going out for a good time.

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