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Save money for new tech

7 Hot SideMoney Tips You Need to Help Save Money On Tech

Save money for new tech

Want to save some money on your next phone or tablet? With SideMoney you can earn credit towards your next tech purchase by doing the things you already do online and maybe a few fun things you haven’t tried yet. Here are a few ideas on how to maximize your earnings using SideMoney.


In order to improve their products and services, or sometimes to develop new ones, manufacturers and companies conduct surveys and gather feedback from consumers. There are some ways you can maximize the money you earn taking surveys. Here are a few:

  1. Take them often and increase your muscle memory. At first, taking surveys can seem like a lot of work. But, if you take a lot of surveys you’ll find that the same, or similar, questions come up again and again. Once you get a few of these types of questions, you will start to be able to complete surveys faster, because you already know the question and the response. You should always read each question and answer appropriately, but a little memory will help you do that faster.
  2. Take them often and you may get better paying surveys. If you take a lot of surveys, you may find sometimes that you graduate to more sophisticated surveys that actually pay a bit more money.
  3. Take advantage of your free time. You can take surveys anytime and anywhere, so whenever you have a spare few minutes, why not earn a few dollars. And, thanks to the internet and mobile technology, you can take surveys no matter where you are. All it takes is a little time and a web connection.


Watching YouTube or streaming movies may be relaxing — but what if you could earn money just for watching videos? Here are a couple of tips for making the most out of your video watching:

  1. Watch a lot. If you were watching TV, you would be inundated with ads anyway, so why not set aside a few minutes to watch them all at once, and earn money. The same goes for trailers. You would be sitting through them anyway, and they’re often pretty cool, so why not make a few dollars while you’re at it?
  2. Watch what you like. You’ll be able to watch more of something you like than of content you don’t. If you bristle at ads, then stick to videos and trailers. After all, this is extra money you’re earning to beef your tech portfolio. It should be fun.


  1. Don’t forget the extras. Beyond just downloading apps to earn credit, make sure to complete any extra tasks that are offered in order to maximize your reward. Sometimes there are special tasks you need to perform, like giving your email address in order to get the extra reward.
  2. Get the apps you will use. You may think that downloading apps for money means that you are filling your device with things you just don’t care about. But if you’re already into tech, you know that there are some super useful apps out there that you’re going to get no matter what. Those are the apps to aim for when you’re trying to earn money. Once you’ve earned your rewards, cash them in for your gift card to Wal-Mart or PayPal to snag the latest tech, for practically nothing! So, if you’ve got 10 extra minutes while you’re waiting for the train or waiting on your friends to show up, load up SideMoney and start earning free gift cards for your next gadget, all in your spare time.

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