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6 Ways to Make Money for College Expenses

Incoming freshmen, it’s not too early to start thinking about how to pay for college expenses. There are a lot of college-bound seniors who are sweating how they’re going to pay for books, commuting costs, food, and all the expenses that come in addition to tuition. We came up with a few ways to get started right away.


Tutoring is one of the best ways to make some extra money. If you are really good at a subject, like math for instance, you can charge a pretty decent hourly rate to help others, especially the younger crowd. Parents especially appreciate hiring a young tutor who can relate to their child and get him or her interested in learning.

Neighborhood Jobs

Raking leaves, babysitting, dog walking, gardening, running errands—there are lots of ways to make money close to home. Get creative and make up a flyer to put in neighbors’ mailboxes advertising your services. For an extra boost, mention that you need the money for college. You’ll probably be kept busy all summer long!

Online Freelancing

There are lots of opportunities online to make some extra cash. From writing gigs, to taking surveys on a site like SideMoney, to becoming a virtual assistant, you can usually pick your own hours and work as much or as little as you need.

Sell Your Art

If you are crafty and have a unique eye for style, you can sell some of your creations. Fairs and farmer’s markets are good places to start. There are also online sites like Etsy where you can set up your own store and sell your creative work.

Become a Brand Ambassador

Major brands pay pretty well to have a representative on a college campus. It’s a pretty easy gig too, with responsibilities like passing out free samples or talking about a brand on social media. It doesn’t usually mean dressing up like a character and acting goofy—but if that’s what you like, you can probably make it happen.

Become a Courier

If you live or go to school in a large city you can make pretty good money becoming a courier. You don’t need a car—just a bike, or even a scooter. There are agencies you can sign up with and you can pretty much set your own schedule and even work as you’re doing other things.

It’s tough to meet college expenses, even if you’ve got the tuition thing under control. But with the Internet and social media, it’s easier than ever to find ways to make some extra money. Not all the gigs pay a fortune, but some money is better than none, right?

And don’t forget that SideMoney will help you earn credits toward gift cards for doing things you’re probably already doing, like downloading apps and watching videos. You can do it any time, anywhere!

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