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6 Tech Gadgets You Need This Winter

When the weather is chilly, it is time to think about some cold weather preparations. While you are prepping your home for freezing temperatures, you may also want to think about some tech gadgets that you can use this winter to keep you warm and entertained all season long. Here are six examples.

Electronic Hand Sanitizer

Winter and cold weather are ripe with illness. Many people attempt to combat winter sickness with bottle after bottle of hand sanitizer. Instead, consider using a rechargeable electronic hand sanitizer. Not only will it save you money from purchasing hand sanitizer, it will also keep them dry and free from that alcohol smell.

Warming Mouse

If you are at your computer a lot during the cold winter months, you know how cramped your hands can become after working so hard. Add in the fact that the weather is colder and you have a recipe for really uncomfortable hands. Fortunately, you can now find a warming mouse that you can use to navigate your screen. It may not be helpful with keeping your other hand warm, but it can give you a bit of a warm boost while you work.

Portable Device Battery

A major issue in the cold weather is the exhaustion of battery power on your devices. The cold can have an impact on battery life, so it is important that you are prepared, especially if you are far from home and need to communicate. A portable battery charger can literally be a lifesaver. There are a variety of brands available that are rather inexpensive.

Surge Protectors

Another thing you should think about is updating your surge protectors. Surge protectors are ideal for plugging in additional heaters, lamps, or other electronic items during the winter. This is a great time to upgrade to surge protectors that also have some USB ports as well as traditional outlets. Many models also swivel so that you can prevent having cords jumbled up on the floor.

USB Heated Gloves

Gloves are always handy when it is chilly, but what about a pair that are heated? You can now purchase gloves that are heated, much like a cozy electric blanket, powered by a USB. There is nothing like warm hands on a freezing day!

Smart Touch Gloves

Staying on gloves, you may also want to get a pair of smart touch gloves. These gloves allow you to easily use your smart phone and other devices without having to remove a glove. This way, your hands stay nice and toasty while you conduct your business on your touch screen devices.

We have certainly come a long way when it comes to fun winter gear. There are so many entertaining and innovative winter tech gadgets on the market. For more fun and informative tips for winter weather, or some ways to save money, be sure to visit the SideMoney blog. Also, if you enjoy technology, sign up to earn with SideMoney. You will be able to provide your opinion in several surveys while also making some extra money to put toward your winter tech gadgets.

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