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6 Mild Halloween Movies to Catch This October

Are you ready for some mild Halloween movies that won’t leave you with any nightmares? This list of six films is especially for you. These films are mild on the spook factor, but that doesn’t make them any less enjoyable.

They’re the perfect movies to watch this October. So pop yourself some popcorn and sit back with your family or friends and get in the Halloween spirit.

1. The Addams Family

When the Addams Family holds a séance to try and contact their missing member, Fester, they are shocked when Fester knocks on the door. Except, this Fester doesn’t seem to remember key events from childhood that he should.

Join the Addams Family as they try to figure out who this imposter is. You’ll get to explore the family cemetery, wish you had your own Thing, and watch as this kooky family tries to hold traditional jobs.

2. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Does anyone else believe in the Great Pumpkin? Charlie Brown’s friend Linus is convinced he exists, and he’s going to prove it.

Join the classic Peanuts’ gang as they celebrate Halloween. Charlie Brown is thrilled to be invited to his first party, and before it’s party time, there’s trick-or-treating to be done.

3. Hocus Pocus

Over three centuries ago, the Sanderson sisters were sentenced to death in Salem for their practice of witchcraft. They liked to suck the life out of children. But before their death, the sisters managed to cast a spell that would bring them back when the special black flame candle was lit.

One fateful Halloween, a teenager is stuck taking his little sister trick-or-treating. During the evening, he lights the black flame candle. Instantly, the three Sanderson sisters are brought back. Now it’s up to the kids to make things right again before the sisters can harm anyone else.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The king of Halloweentown is bored with celebrating Halloween in the same way every single year. This year, he wants it to be different.

He discovers Christmas Town, and likes what he sees. The king decides to take some of what he sees in Christmas Town back to his hometown. They throw their unique twists in on the classic Christmas traditions, changing the way they celebrate.

5. Labyrinth

In this movie, a teenager wishes her baby brother would be taken by the Goblin King. To her surprise, he is. She now has just a short amount of time to make her way through the labyrinth to the king’s castle. If she doesn’t make it by midnight, her brother will be turned into a goblin.

As she makes her way through the strange labyrinth, the teen discovers many strange creatures and must overcome many obstacles. Will she make it to her brother in time? You’ll have to watch and see.

6. Ghostbusters

You can catch either the 1984 original, or the newly released remake of this film. Either way, you’ll catch lots of ghost catching action as the team works to stop the paranormal activity that’s taken over New York City.

In the old version, the team is made up of men. Women run the ghost removal service in the new version.

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