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6 Easy Ways To Save Money Now

save money nowThere has definitely been a shift in how large portions of the U.S. population think about money and savings. Most people are finding ways to save more and spend less. Prices keep rising, extra fees are being tacked on to everything, and if you don’t take control of your own spending, your money will be gone before you know it.

Here are six ways you can keep a little bit more of your money.

Fine-Tune Your Electric Bill

There are so many devices in our homes and apartments now that if you compared your electric usage to a few years ago, you’d probably be shocked. Save a little money by turning off computers that aren’t being used, unplug stuff if it doesn’t need to be plugged in and of course, turn out the lights!

Make Your Own Coffee

If you sat down and added up your bill for lattes and double pump caramel macchiatos, you might realize a small fortune is going into your stomach. At $4–$5 a drink, this is no small change. So, every time you want one, put the money in a jar and brew a pot yourself. Then, use the money for something special!

Purchase in Bulk

A lot of single people or young people think they can’t shop at warehouse stores because the quantities are so large. But, you can save a ton on non-perishables, especially when you compare the price to grocery stores. All you need is the space to store things and you can save lots of money on beauty products, food storage products, paper products, and canned goods.

Check Out the Library

Instead of going to RedBox or spending money on Netflix, check out the local library instead. You’ll find tons of movies, old and new, and also audio CDs, books on CD, and magazines. All for free! You can have a night of family fun without going over budget. Most libraries are also connected to free book and music download services too.

Go Out To Lunch

You can save money by going out to lunch instead of dinner. Lunch prices are almost always cheaper than dinner prices at many restaurants. Find out what time lunch ends, and you might be able to have a mid-afternoon meal that will hold you the rest of the day.

Exercise at Home

If you are really set on saving money and improving your finances, you will need to consider dumping the gym membership. There are so many alternatives such as a weight set at home, riding your bike, or walking with friends that it’s hard to justify the hefty monthly payment.

Think of Saving Money as a Reward

There are many other ways to save money and one way you can change how you think about it is to think of saving money as a reward not a punishment. Save for some new tech device or an upgrade to your activity tracker. And, you can use SideMoney every day to earn a little money and save towards a reward for yourself.

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