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5 Ways to Lower Your Water Usage


water usageHaving fresh, clean water plumbed right into your house is definitely not something to take for granted. Many countries in the world struggle to find enough water, and some have to haul it to their homes each day.

But, you also have a responsibility to use your water wisely. Not only will lowering your water usage help cut costs on your water bill each month, it will also help preserve the water supply.  Here are five simple ways to cut your water consumption without feeling deprived.

1. Catch Your Shower Water as It Warms

Getting into a cold shower stinks, so most people let it warm up for several moments before climbing in. But, that water is just running down the drain—being wasted. By keeping a small bucket in the shower, you could capture that water easily.

Just slide the bucket to the back when the water’s ready, and proceed with your shower like normal.

When you’re finished, you can use it to water your houseplants or garden. You’ve just saved water by not getting completely fresh water for your greenery.  Remember to put the bucket back for the next time.

2. Keep Water in the Fridge for Drinking

There’s nothing quite like a glass of cool water to refresh the body. However, it often takes a few moments for the water from the tap to actually get cool. Once again you’re wasting water as the warmer stuff flows down the drain.

Instead, fill a pitcher with water and stick it in the fridge. You’ll have cold water exactly when you want it without wasting any.

3. Change How You Water Your Lawn

When you water your lawn in the heat of the day, much of that water is evaporated. It never reaches your lawn. That’s a huge water waste! Instead, water early in the morning.

You also don’t need to water your lawn for hours on end.  Investing in an inexpensive timer to shut your water off will let you start the sprinkler before you leave in the morning. Your water will run for the set amount of time and then stop.

4. Fill Them Up!

Automatic dishwashers and washing machines take a lot of water to run. Cut down on your water usage by simply waiting until they’re full to turn them on.

On the bright side, you’ll have to unload the dishwasher less frequently!

You can also check your washer and see if there are adjustable load settings. That way when you run a small load it won’t fill completely.

5. Don’t Flush Trash

If you flush tissues, feminine products, or cigarette butts, stop. Each time you flush the toilet you use several gallons of water.

Using the trashcan instead of the toilet will help cut water usage. It’ll also keep the trash out of the sewer or septic system which is an added bonus!

Put More Money in Your Pocket

Cutting your water usage will save you money each month on your utility bill. If you’re looking for other ways to save money, check out the SideMoney blog.

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