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5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Morning at Night

If you’re looking for ways to maximize your productivity during the day, your evening routine may need a little help. Devoting a little time at night can really help your mornings run more smoothly.

Here are five tasks to tackle each night to set you up for success.

1.      Look at Your Schedule

Take a few moments to scan your schedule for the next day. Check for any appointments, meetings or engagements, and note what time each one is.

It’s a terrible feeling to be prepping for your typical day and then suddenly realize that a client is coming to town and you have a formal meeting. Reviewing your schedule at night will help eliminate any last-minute surprises when you wake up in the morning. You’ll feel more prepared.

2.      Do the Dishes

Waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes makes breakfast prep so much harder. It’s also annoying to have to jump into cleaning as soon as you wake up.

So, load your dishwasher and take care of anything you need to wash by hand. If you have variable water fees, set your dishwasher to run on delay during the inexpensive hours. That’ll save you money, and you’ll wake up to clean dishes!

3.      Plan Your Meals

What will you be eating tomorrow? Do you need to pull any meat out of the freezer to defrost? Is there anything you can chop tonight to make a hectic dinner hour go more smoothly tomorrow?

Take time each night to review your meal plan or decide what food you’ll be eating. Having a plan will help keep you cook at home and save money by not having to go out unexpectedly.

4.      Set Out Your Clothes

Now that you know what’s on your schedule tomorrow, take time to set out clothes appropriate for the day. Get your shoes, socks, and anything else you’ll need set out, as well.

If you have kids, it’s a great idea to help them set out clothes, too. That way no one has a morning meltdown over clothing or lost shoes. Everyone will know what to wear and be dressed in the right seasonal clothing. If it’s winter, remember to locate both gloves or mittens, as well, so you aren’t searching high and low for them on your way out the door.

5.      Ensure Your Alarm Clock is Set

There’s no point in getting prepped for your day if you sleep in too late and miss your deadlines. With your schedule in mind, you’ll know exactly when you need to get up for the day.

Double check your alarm clock. Set a backup if you’re prone to hitting the snooze button a couple of times. And remember to verify that the clock is set for AM instead of PM. I’ve made that mistake more times than I care to admit!

Be Prepared

These five tasks don’t take long. But they make a huge difference in being prepared for the next day. Organizing your evenings can help your mornings move along without a hitch. You’ll be more productive and better able to make good decisions.

With your extra time, you can log into your SideMoney account and earn some points. Then you’ll be able to exchange those for gift cards to all your favorite stores. Now, that’s what I call a morning win!

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