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5 Tips to Save Money on Groceries in a Small Town

When you live in the city, your grocery options usually are numerous. You may even have several large chains and local grocers to choose from. But when you live in a less populated area, your choices are limited.

Some small towns have only one grocery store. Often prices are higher in smaller towns because there isn’t any competition. Also, these stores might not carry everything you need, especially if you’re searching for organic produce or allergen-friendly staples.

But you don’t have to let your location drive up your grocery bill. Here are five tips to save money on groceries no matter where you live.

1. Order Online

From Amazon Pantry to Thrive Market, online shopping options are expanding. You can find almost everything you need from the comfort of your home and sit back to wait for delivery.

To find the best prices, you may have to search around a bit. The “subscribe and save” option at Amazon is one way to save money on groceries you know you’ll be using often.

Not only are online prices often cheaper than those at the small, local grocer, you’ll also be saving on gas money. Not having to drive to the store and stand in line can be huge perks!

2. Price Match

Many grocery stores allow you to price-match other stores within a given radius. If you’re 30 or 45 miles away from stores with lower prices, you may qualify for a price-match.

Check with your local grocer to see the specific rules. Then remember to bring in the ads showing the lower prices when you shop for instant savings.

3. Stock Up in the Big City

Do you need to head to the big city for a doctor’s appointment or a client meeting? While you’re there, take time to stock up at the stores you don’t normally frequent.

It’s a great way to combine errands and save money on groceries. You’ll also get a chance to shop at any specialty markets that you enjoy. If you purchase groceries in bulk, you may even be able to stretch your supplies until you make it back to the big city.

4. Buy Directly from Producers

Cutting out the middle man saves money! If you’re in a less populated area, chances are good that there are local food producers looking for buyers.

Check out your local Craigslist or classifieds to find locally grown produce and meat to purchase. If you have freezer room for a whole or half steer or hog, you’ll really lower your meat expenses. Also, you can usually find box deals on produce or marked down prices on bruised fruit. They might not look pretty, but they’ll still taste good!

Look for Different Vendors

Check out your small town for other grocery buying options. Even if you have only a single grocery store, that doesn’t mean there’s only one place in town to buy food.

Look for low prices on milk at the convenience store. Check out canned goods at the dollar store or pharmacy. Buy produce at a farmer’s market.

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