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5 Must Have iPhone Pregnancy Apps

Are you expecting a new baby? If so, congratulations! Pregnancy is such a special time in your life.

Thanks to technology, pregnant women have access to so many resources that didn’t exist a generation ago. Smartphone apps in particular have changed the way expecting mamas gather their information, connect with others, and document this incredible time.

Here are five iPhone apps that are essential for pregnancy:

1. I’m Expecting

This free app from MedHelp is full of important information for pregnancy. You can easily learn more about your baby’s development each month. You’ll be able to read common side effects that you may experience during each stage. There are also videos to watch throughout your pregnancy.

But that’s not all you’ll find with the I’m Expecting App. You’ll find to-do lists for each week to help you prepare for your new baby’s arrival. You can sign up for reminders and notifications to ensure you don’t miss anything.

There’s also a space for you to document your baby bump each week. That way you’ll be able to look back over your changes and see your beautiful growing belly.

2. CineMama

A free app from The March of Dimes, CineMama wants to help you create memorable pictures of your baby bump. The belly grid and in-app photo editor help ensure that your pictures are scaled appropriately and look great.

Once you’ve taken a few pictures, you can compile them into a shareable movie slideshow. You can even add titles and music to make it uniquely you.

The diary feature on the app allows you to keep track of your pregnancy memories. You can add photos to what you write, and use the mood meter to help track how you’re feeling.

3. Pregnancy Food Guide

Have you ever wondered what you should and shouldn’t eat during pregnancy? Are you trying to remember why your practitioner recommended eating only cooked deli meat?

Pregnancy Food Guide from the Antair Corporation will answer all of your questions. You can quickly find information on foods to eat and foods to avoid when you’re expecting. The search feature allows you to easily find what you are looking for.

There’s also a built in shopping list, which makes it easy to add superfoods to your shopping list. That way you don’t forget to stock up on avocados when pregnancy brain kicks in at the grocery store.

This app isn’t free, but it’s well worth the $4.99 price tag.

4. Baby Registry BabyList

Are you having trouble limiting your registry to one or two stores? Baby Registry BabyList to the rescue! This free app from Baby List Inc. allows you to add items from any store—including Etsy. You can keep all of your desired items in a single place, and then share your list with others.

There’s even a way to add non-purchasable items such as prepared meals or spending time entertaining your other kids while you bond with baby. You can truly put everything into this app!

5. Full Term

You aren’t going to be pregnant forever, and that means you’ll have to deal with labor. When your dealing with the pain from contractions, trying to remember to start and stop a stopwatch to time your contractions is a hassle.

Do yourself and your labor coach a favor and have this app from Mustansir Golawala installed and ready to go. With the click of a button you can start and stop the timer. That’s all you will have to do. The app will calculate the length of time between contractions for you, and allow you to easily see their frequency.

You’ll have all the information you need when you give your doctor or midwife a call. You can also set up an alert feature that lets you know when the guidelines your doctor has established are reached.

What Are Your Must-Have Pregnancy Apps?

With so many apps available, we didn’t begin to cover them all. What are your personal favorites? Chime in over on the SideMoney Facebook page and let us all know.


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