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5 Kitchen Apps to Take Your Cooking Game to the Next Level

You know that cooking at home is a major way to save some money. But, what if you aren’t the best cook? What if you have a hard time planning meals, making a shopping list, and then actually cooking?

Never fear, there are plenty of apps to help you feel more confident in the kitchen. Here are five that will help you tackle just about everything.

1. Big Oven

The basic features of this app are free, however there is a pro membership option for $1.99/month. Big Oven provides inspiration for meal planning, the ability to quickly save and share a recipe you’d like to try, and the ability to create a grocery list from recipes.

Big Oven’s database has 350,000 recipes to try. You can search by ingredient to help prevent food waste.

You can also add your own recipes, clip a favorite from the food blogger you adore, or upload a picture of a family recipe. Once you find a recipe you’d like to add to your menu plan, you can use the in-app weekly menu planner.

2. Out of Milk

Never leave your shopping list at home again! With Out of Milk, your list will always be on your phone, ready for you whenever you need it.

This free app allows you to keep track of your pantry inventory, so you’ll never end up with five dozen cans of tomato sauce again. You can even use the integrated bar code scanner to efficiently add products you use frequently.

You can edit your shopping list on the website from your computer, and then sync your list to your phone. You’re also able to share and email your list with others easily, so you can send your spouse to the store for you.

3. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

This free app can help you stretch your grocery dollars by making good use of everything in the house. You can enter a couple of ingredients that you want to use, and see recipes that utilize those. Are you dealing with food allergies or a restricted diet? You can also search for recipes that exclude certain ingredients.

If you find a recipe you love, you can easily save it for future reference. You’ll also find over 1000 videos of recipes with step-by-step cooking guides. You can skip straight to the step you need or watch the whole thing.

You can create a shopping list based on the recipes you’ve selected, so you have everything on hand to create your next culinary masterpiece. This app makes it easy to share your accomplishments and favorites with your family and friends.

4. Kitchen Calculator Pro

Have you ever come across a delicious looking recipe, only to discover it’s written in weights? If you don’t have a kitchen scale, it can be mighty discouraging. But, that’s where this $2.99 app comes in.

Kitchen Calculator Pro allows you to easily convert between units. It comes preprogrammed with many common ingredients, and you can add your own as well.

In addition to converting units, this app lets you easily scale a recipe. Need a triple batch of brownies for a party? Simply enter the recipe and adjust the number of servings and each ingredient will automatically adjust for you. No more fumbling with fractions as you cook.

5. How to Cook Everything

If you’re a beginner cook, every penny of this $9.99 app is worth it. You’ll discover all 2,000 recipes from the cookbook with the same name, 400 illustrated how-to guides, and general kitchen guidance from an experienced chef.

You can easily browse and search recipes, convert units to metric, and utilize the built-in timers when your recipe calls for a timed step. With the notes section on the iPad version, you can add your own notes to each recipe.

The no-sleep mode keeps the app from dimming or your phone from sleeping while you’re in the middle of a recipe. That way you don’t have to stop and wash your hands before trying to touch your phone again.

What’s Your Favorite Kitchen App?

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