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5 Cheap Ways to Get out of Winter Weather

It can cost a small fortune to go on a winter Caribbean vacation; you probably gave up on that plan years ago. We have some tricks for saving money when you need to get out of winter and into some sunshine and warm air. Here are a few of them:

Take the Redeye

Taking the overnight flight, or the redeye, has its place. True it can be brutal—essentially, you get no sleep. But there are two advantages. First, you can save money; these flights are usually cheaper than prime time. And second, you don’t waste a day flying. If you are going across the country, this can be real time saver.

Drive Instead of Fly

If you’ve got the time, and depending on where you live, you might be able to save some money by jumping in the car instead of flying. Gas prices are still low, so you won’t spend a ton on fuel. If you have more than one driver, you can make some pretty good time and head to the beaches of the gulf coast, the southeast Atlantic coast or Southern California.

Go to Florida

Florida is not for everyone, but there is no doubt about it that the best winter getaway deals are found in Florida. Flights, hotels, and tourist attractions: Florida is full of them, and the tourist industry is willing to wheel and deal to get people there. So if you’re after warm weather and some fun, follow the snowbirds to Florida.

Shop Around for a Package Deal

You can save tons of money by booking air, hotel, and car all together. Try the travel companies, and look directly at the airline and hotel websites too. You may not have to bundle all three together, but even bundling one or two can lead to hundreds of dollars in savings.

Try Camping

Campers know how it feels to save money on a vacation. Seriously, camping is the cheapest option—and in the nice weather the Florida Keys, for example, you can really feel like you’re in paradise. Being outdoors in the nice weather is the whole reason for running away from winter anyway, isn’t it? Try combining a couple of nights of camping with a night in a hotel. Now, you have the best of both worlds.

Escaping winter weather is sometimes just what the doctor ordered for the winter blues. It’s not always so easy or affordable, but with a little creative thinking you can make it happen. Don’t forget to use SideMoney to rack up points toward gift cards and save even more!

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