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5 Addicting Check-In Apps You Must Try

If you’re constantly on the go and enjoy spending time away from home, check-in apps can help you discover new places when you’re on the town. Check-in apps help you locate new great restaurants and dishes, as well as local businesses that are worth checking out. The more you check in at places using check-in apps, the more you qualify for rewards, discounts and prizes from those businesses.

Looking for new apps that can bring out your sense of adventure? Check out the following 5 addicting check-in apps guaranteed to keep you out all night!

1. Swarm by Foursquare

If you’ve ever used Foursquare, Swarm is Foursquare’s new sister app dedicated solely to check-ins. Launch Swarm and check in at locations such as cafes, restaurants and bars. The more frequently you check in to certain places, the more eligible you’ll be to receive rewards and discounts from those businesses. You can even be crowned “Mayor” for locations you visit more often than any other person who checks in using Swarm.

2. Yelp

Most people are already familiar with Yelp, which features reviews of local businesses so users can make informed decisions when choosing restaurants, shops and services. But Yelp’s check-in feature allows you to earn badges and special offers for the places you visit the most. Most businesses registered on Yelp offer check-in gifts you can either redeem immediately or save for later, which gives you more incentive to stop by again in the near future.

3. Shopkick

Shopkick rewards you with free gift cards for the shopping you already do (just like SideMoney rewards you with free gift cards for doing the things you love online!). Launch Shopkick and look for nearby stores that offer points called “kicks.” Then, earn kicks just for walking into stores, no purchase necessary.

While you’re shopping, use your mobile device to scan featured items, and make purchases using the credit card you’ve linked with Shopkick. Over time, your kicks can be redeemed for free gift cards to the stores you visited to earn kicks in the first place.

4. Foodspotting

Foodies who love trying new restaurants and sharing their dining experiences will easily become addicted to the Foodspotting app, which helps users find specific types of dishes and meals in their local areas. Install Foodspotting and either become a foodseeker or foodspotter, the latter of which allows you to upload photos of dishes, participate in scavenger hunts and challenges and earn points that can elevate your status as the ultimate dish expert.

5. TripAdvisor

Travelers and frequent flyers will love TripAdvisor, which uses your location to guide you toward nearby restaurants, attractions and other points of interest. Launch TripAdvisor and check in, and allow the app to take you on a self-guided walking tour to explore your surroundings. Or, check in at every destination you visit to create a travel journal complete with photos you can share with friends and family back home.

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