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4 Ways to Save Money on College Textbooks

College is expensive! If you’re a student, looking for ways to cut your expenses is probably a priority. One way to save money is to not pay full price for your college textbooks.

You need the books for your classes, but you don’t have to head to the college bookstore to purchase brand new books for every course. In today’s marketplace, you have options!

Rent from Amazon

I did this for a college course last quarter, and was pleasantly surprised by the experience. My rented book costs about $20 for the duration of the quarter. Shipping was included.

If you’re taking a course, it’s a great idea to check Amazon first. And don’t worry. Once you rent the book, you also have the option to purchase the book. That’s helpful if it’s a book you’ll be referring to throughout your college years.

But honestly, most college textbooks just take up space. You’ll never look at most of them again. That’s why renting makes so much sense.

Buy Used

If you can’t rent the textbook for your class, it’s time to check out used prices. Some college bookstores offer used books, but you won’t always find the best prices there. Check out eBay and other online vendors to compare prices.

Just remember to verify:

*   The edition you’re buying

*   If any multimedia access is included

*   The author and complete title—there are many similar titles out there!

Share with a Friend

Have a friend taking the same course? If you’re looking for a very non-traditional way to handle textbook expenses, consider sharing a single copy between the two of you.

You’ll have to work out a clear schedule for using the book. That way you both have the access you need. This option works best if you’re both fast readers, so one of you isn’t always waiting on the other.

Use Trial Periods for Online Textbooks

Many publishers are now offering a free trial period for their online textbooks. You can take advantage of this period and complete the course. If you get everything done before your free trial expires, you won’t ever have to actually purchase the book.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure your professor doesn’t mind you flying through the course. And you’ll need to ensure that you finish everything. Because if you miss an assignment, you’ll either have to take a zero or purchase your access when the trial is over.

Remember to Sell Back Your Textbooks

If you purchase used books for your classes, remember to sell them back when you’re done. You can sell them directly to your college bookstore, to an online buy-back site, or advertise them on Craigslist and sell them to an incoming student.

This will help you recoup some of your textbook expense. Then you can throw that money into the books you need next quarter.

Let SideMoney Help You with the Costs

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