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4 Ways to Record Your Memories in 2017

Did 2016 speed by for you, too? So many activities were jam-packed into this past year, that it’s sometimes hard to remember them all.

If you’re looking for better ways to record your memories for 2017, here are four ideas for you to try. Each will help you preserve your memories to recall later next December or years down the road.

Old-Fashioned Paper

Using large strips of paper and a pen, you can write down the best events as they happen. Use illustrations, words or a combination of both.

Once you’ve completed a strip, place it into a large jar. Continue adding to your jar all year. Then the next time New Year’s Eve rolls around, pull out your strips and read them all. You’ll be reminded of all the times you enjoyed in 2017.

Create a Photo Journal

Whip out your camera (and yes, the one on your smartphone counts!) and take plenty of pictures this year. Then you can upload them and create a virtual photo journal. You can usually find great prices to print photo books before Christmas, so watch for a bargain in late November.

You can also just print out your photos and paste them into a scrapbook. This is a fun way to work hands-on with your memories.

No matter which style of photo journal you create, remember to add captions. That way, when you’re looking back on these albums in a couple of decades, you won’t have to rely on your memory to remind you where you were!

Make Weekly Video Recaps

Home videos have always been a popular way to capture memories. My parents have plenty of VHS hours devoted to my siblings and me growing up. They’re still fun to watch!

With the improvement of video technology, you won’t even need shelves to store bulky VHS tapes. You can just capture digital video with your smartphone and store them on your computer.

One twist on this idea is to record a weekly video recap. You can pick a comfortable location, sit back and share candidly what’s been happening this past week. You’ll be able to share events, feelings and more.

At the end of the year, you can combine all your clips into a single video file and enjoy a year-in-review movie to watch whenever you’d like.

Start a Blog

Did you know you can start a blog without any upfront fees? You don’t have to purchase a domain name and hosting to get started. Just use a free site like or, and get your new blog live quickly.

Then commit to writing posts once or twice a week. Add your pictures, share your memories and write about your life. You’ll be creating a virtual home online to help you remember each aspect of the new year.

And you never know—you may discover that you love blogging so much that you want to try and earn some income from your blog. At that point, though, you’ll want to switch to a self-hosted domain.

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